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    Armhole/sleeve help

    It's p[ossible that by adding extra seam allowance around the armhole, you made the opening smaller than intended. Waht you might try to do is trace the armhole on a large newpaper and and a paper pattern of the sleeve. pin the pieces together and see how it fits you. Somes just making the curve more gradual actually gives you more give (as it is more on the bias) than a sharp curve.
  2. mamarose22

    Looking for a dog doorstop template

    Here's another pattern: http://ebookbrowsee.net/scotty-dog-pattern-pdf-d364015361
  3. mamarose22

    cushion in a puff shape

    That's called a puff pillow or a bisquit pillow. I made one years ago from my daughter's dress. She had hardly worn it and it was too snug on her. I liked the print so I decided to make the piloow from it. It came out very nice. You can find many tutorials on the web for it.
  4. mamarose22

    Stuffed penguin,help!

    Here is a free pattern for a very nice penguin. I made this once for a swap. http://www.purlbee.com/the-purl-bee/2012/1/8/mollys-sketchbook-the-purl-bee-penguin.html