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  1. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    Granny Square Club

    Hi there, Sorry that you've been unable to find the patterns; we have put a lot of the squares on the website http://www.topcrochetpatterns.com and you can search the site for granny square designs which should hopefully pull up the squares. If you can't find them, I can look into sending you the patterns via email - you can contact me directly on jennifer.ward@aceville.co.uk if you can't find the ones you're looking for. Hope you had nice weekends! Kindest regards, Jennifer LGC team
  2. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    What have you been making lately?

    We'd love to see what you've been making recently - do you prefer a particular craft during the summer months? Jenny, LGC team x
  3. Hi Kirsty, I was just wondering if you ever managed to get hold of the giraffe pattern? If not, give me an email on jennifer.ward@aceville.co.uk and I'm sure I can assist. Kindest regards, Jennifer LGC team
  4. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    Help please... I'm new :)

    Hi Caroline, We've recently moved our paper downloads online with the idea that readers can print as many copies as they'd like, but I do understand your issues and that not everybody has access to a printer. I'll be more than happy to add you to my list so we can send you these papers in time for each issue. If you send your address to jennifer.ward@aceville.co.uk then I will make a note of this. Thank you for enquiring and I hope this might help! Kindest regards, Jenny PaperCrafter team
  5. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    LGC finished makes, share to be featured

    Wow, I love what you've done @Maritrez, what a great idea — very innovative! If you don't mind, it'd be great to consider this for our reader's letters page - would you mind letting me know your full name if that's okay? (you can let me know on jennifer.ward@aceville.co.uk if you like) I hope everyone's well — has anyone been making anything exciting recently? xx
  6. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    What paper craft technique would you like to try?

    Hello all, are you ready for the weekend? This morning is especially lovely and sunny I was wondering what paper craft techniques you've been meaning to try! It would be fantastic to get your feedback. Look forward to hearing from you. Jenny x
  7. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    Do you have any time-saving crafty tips?

    Great tips, I think I might need to take heed of them hehe. The worst is when the scissors and glue go walking I think, need to find a way so that they don't walk away
  8. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    Do you have any time-saving crafty tips?

    Do you have any time-saving or thrifty tips to share with us? We'd love to hear from you :-)
  9. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    Qulling board

    Hi everybody, I hope you're all well Sorry for the late response to your post about the quilling board, I hope you've managed to use it successfully and enjoyed it. I found a really helpful picture example here on the link below, (you have to scroll down in the link to see the picture), which demonstrates how you can create different shapes inside the coils by using pins. http://quillingcafe.ning.com/forum/topics/unique-quilling-board Please don't hesitate to give me a shout if you ever have any queries. You can email me directly on jennifer.ward@aceville.co.uk I love your quilled garden Artym it looks great! I'm going through a decoupage stage at the moment (no surface or box is safe!) Take care, Jenny PaperCrafter
  10. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    Your fave project from last issue was...

    So hard to decide, but I especially loved the birds this issue
  11. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    POLL: What do you love most about paper crafting?

    I knew I had forgotten something, and I completely agree with you. I try to craft with friends atleast one night a week and we always get so much from it. It would be great if there were more general crafting clubs! Thanks for your response =]
  12. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    POLL: What do you love most about paper crafting?

    Hello folks! It's time for my monthly paper-crafting poll. Tell us what it is about paper crafting that you love the most, even if all of them apply (we know, we know it's a hard decision!) It's a particularly hard decision this month, but I think what I most enjoy is having some creative me-time. I look forward to hearing what yours is! Take care! Jenny PaperCrafter team
  13. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    How does your crafty style change for the season?

    Hello crafters, How's it going? I hope everybody had lovely weekends... what did you get up to? I had a very long craft session all of yesterday, which is definitely not a bad way to spend a lazy Sunday. Recently, I've really been getting excited about decoupage and experimenting with all of the different papers you can use - even tissue paper, which went a lot better than I expected. I would love to know what crafts you've been getting up to. Also, I was wondering how your crafting time changes for the season, and your style? Naturally, we are probably not making as many Christmas cards and there's room for a few different paper crafts. I would love to hear what you enjoy at this time of year, and how the look of your cards changes! Take care! Jenny PaperCrafter team
  14. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    Your fave project of the March issue is...

    The owl cushions were so cute
  15. Jennifer LGC/Papercrafter

    Nominate a friend in The Granny Awards

    Hello everybody, I just thought I'd tell you about a competition that Let's Get Crafting: Knitting & Crochet magazine are currently running... If you know a knitting grandma who deserves a treat, then now is the time to tell us about somebody who deserves to be spoiled! The lucky lady will receive a Breezie, which is a new tablet service that comes on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet, worth over £300 - it's designed for the technophobic adult and makes life on the internet really easy! If you know somebody then you can enter here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/H6SMX9G Any questions please ask, Jenny, LGC team