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  1. thistledown

    members not heard from lately.

    thanks goose havent forgotten about all of you
  2. thistledown

    members not heard from lately.

    hi everyone havent been on for yonks and seem to have lost my motivation.hoping to return or pop in and out.not really a twitter person or facebook so its just me.wish you all the best and yes i have started a few christmas cards yikes!
  3. been a while so heres a few from me so far.am into knitting small things like the instant gratification! the hats knitted flat using 2 needles but the cream one with roll brim is kntted on 3dpns. thanks for looking.
  4. thistledown

    hats galore and knitted jumper with matching hat

    thanks caroline they all gone to charity now.
  5. thistledown

    A pattern easily adapted

    these are great makes for little ones so fun to wear
  6. thistledown

    Wee Bootees now with Mitts !

    gorgeous set the recipient will be thrilled
  7. thistledown

    My latest hat

    fun hat sure the grandchildren will love wearing them
  8. thistledown

    Slip stitch cardi

    lovely cardigan
  9. thistledown

    Kindle Case

    very pretty
  10. thistledown

    Slouchie hat and a Cowl

    love the colours very pretty
  11. thistledown

    Hat and cowl for my niece

    gorgeous colours and makes.love the avatar of your striped teddy!
  12. thistledown

    another member joined

    so cute!
  13. thistledown

    Friends of Golfer Shirley, please read!!!

    am just sending you a pm louise
  14. well remember the 12x12 mini booklet I made but had to finish it off. I decided to use a matching spotted ribbon to edge of card front and then used red ribbon and threaded it through eyelets.Then I decorated top with punched out hearts and peel off sentiment.then I made a gift box after several failed attempts and this is the result.gave to a friend as it was her anniversary and she loves home made gifts. thanks for taking time to look
  15. thistledown

    All shaky now and over excited

    well done!
  16. thistledown

    Hello Peeps

    sorry to hear you are having health problems natalie but glad to see your business is doing well.thank you for all your help being a moderator and source of inspiration and encouragement.I wish you well in your future both business and hope your health improves.
  17. thistledown

    tomatoes outside in scotland!

    hubby planted what he bought as supposedly verbena in our back garden in a pot and some died but one took hold and hey presto tomatoes unbelievable outside albeit they were green but just shows how warm it was this summer.I got 690 grams of the plant only made jar and half chutney but didnt want to waste them.there were still loads of flowers still on but weather had turned cooler so had to pick them before frost appeared. first time at making chutney too and probably last.
  18. thistledown

    tomatoes outside in scotland!

    thanks ladies
  19. thistledown

    tomatoes outside in scotland!

    thanks natalie as you know up here in the highlands is not really the place to grow tomatoes unless you have a glasshouse.chutney wasnt bad either.
  20. thistledown

    anniversary mini booklet finished article

    thank you bobsie
  21. thistledown

    anniversary mini booklet finished article

    thank you nancy for your kind comment much appreciated
  22. thistledown

    September Creations

    lovely cards my favourite is the monochrome very striking
  23. thistledown

    anniversary mini booklet finished article

    thank you so much Bc and kate for your lovely comments.yes it was worth persevering with.I couldnt find the magnets that you pmd me about Bc and i was under pressure for time but i will be looking for them again.
  24. thistledown

    Beside the sea

    great card bc.yes i agree you should do more stamping and colouring as its really lovely