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  1. Tuggybear

    Another Robo card with vellum insert

    Wow Maggie! I see you are still crafting the most stunning cards. I love this one hon.
  2. I can't believe it has been so long since I last logged on to CB. Time has simply flown by. I hope everyone is keeping well and a big hello to all the pweople who have joined since I last visited. I've been very busy with the horses. We now have three paddocks with shelters ready for the winter and one more left to build. we've also got lots of hardstanding either laid ready or waiting to go down and thanks to a redevelopement of a local playground we have lots of lovely matting for the shelter floors. All the horses are well. We lost Ebay Charlie a couple of years ago but now have a 2-yr-old gypsy filly who was tethered by our treasurers home and being abused by local kids. Molly is a sweetie and very cheeky but she is still quite young. We also have more helpers now so it is easier to both look after the horses and work on the land/shelters/paddocks. My hubby has been really ill since last November so work had to slow down a bit but in the meantime a lovely song thrush decided to rear her first brood in one of the shelters. John is now much better and the thrush family have moved out so if this rain ever stops we can get busy again. Will try to pop by more regularly and catch up with you all. I do an early morning job now, with children at a nearby school so am up very early in the week and I've now worked out a routine to fit all the work with the horses in with my everyday household tasks so should have a bit more time to spare at last. see you all soon xx
  3. Gary, the angler and I drive Catherine, our treasurer mad as we can talk to each other and listen to each other at the same time and she finds it very confusing trying to listen to both of us...or get a word in edgeways when we are off. We are a bit of a mad bunch, in winter we like to cover ourselves in mud...Well Simon, Catherine's partner likes to spray us with mud when we are trying to push his ruddy land rover out of the bog he's driven in to. and in summer we like to go into the river (in all our riding gear) and get thoroughly soaked then have a barbecue whilst we dry off. and you will often find Catherine and I traipsing down the tow path carring some long bit of wood we've found and singing a marching song we make up as we go along. We're mad tell you...MAD! (I've lost the ruddy smilies function now! This computer is getting worse. think I'll have to have words with it! )
  4. Tuggybear

    Flutter on Butterfly

    Oh wow! that is just stunning and vibrant. The colours are just lovely. June xx
  5. Tuggybear

    Mans card for a commission

    I love this card Maggie, you've made a simple design look very effective and elegant. June xx
  6. Oooooops, I'd better go and empty it a bit. I always forget to have a clearout of old pm's. :Dizzy: I told all the neds how kind you've been when I went to feed this afternoon. I think Gary, the angler who fishes in our fields, thought I had gone mad as I stood and explained to them all what a lovely surprise I'd had whilst the neds all stood tied in a long line along the fence eating their tea. Mind you, he's quite used to me holding conversations with the horses and ponies, the swans, the birds, Henry the Heron, Frederick the Pheasant, Francis the Fox, Rowena the Rat and a host of other little or large inhabitants of our fields. He even caught me lecturing the earwig family that has taken up residence in our head collar bin yesterday! will post the piccy tomorrow. June xx
  7. for the package that arrived this morning. It was filled with: The ATCs you made to swap with the ones I sent for your swap in March that managed to disappear in the ether of Royal Mail until mid-July. They are both beautiful and I love them hon. 3 A4 sheets of die cut Christmas decoupage that are absolutely lovely. A sheet of Craft Creations Christmas Teddies. They are so cute. A pack of holographic foil Christmas shapes and some lovely gold and silver cherubs. You must have heard me asking for foil snowflakes at the craft shop in Falmouth, Maggie. 4 A6 sheets of embossed Snowflake design backing papers. A stack of Christmas backing papers of various lovely designs. The Crafts Beautiful Father Christmas booklet, which I'd been hoping to find in a charity shop as I want to make up a few sets of these cards. And 3 of Maggie's beautiful Christmas cards which are just stunning. I can't wait to get started on these hon, and it is so very thoughtful of you to send me such a large and lovely RAK. I am sure I'll be able to make loads of cards ready for my sale at the end of this month. Thank you so very much. I will borrow No: 1 son's camera this evening and take a picture as I can't use my bluetooth on this computer. Then you can all see how very lucky I have been. Thanks again Maggie (((((HUGS))))) Love, June xxx
  8. Tuggybear

    what do you do with finished items

    I sell mine to raise funds for the horses at Foll's Field but I'd probably donate any I didn't need to a charity if I didn't have the Centre to keep going. Have you thought about trying to sell some at local car boots/table top sales etc. I am doing a stall at a local music festival that my son's ex-boss is holding. (I know her as she donated some outdoor carpet for the neds on behalf of the company she worked for then she moved jobs and my son went to the same place and ended up working for her until she moved jobs again.) I also look for Saturday boots and sales and fairs as I can't do Sundays due to the horses. Sorry to hear about your unhappy marriage hon, it must be very difficult for you. You need to keep crafting as it is a form of therapy for you. Sending you huge ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) June xx
  9. Tuggybear

    Two Little Butterfly Tags

    They are very pretty Natalie. I love the colours. June xx
  10. Tuggybear

    bit miffed

    Oh, that is so frustrating. I get confused by ther different ink pads and would undoubtably use the wrong one. Hope you find the right kind soon. June xx
  11. Tuggybear

    Playing the Piano

    Beautiful! Natalie I just adore your work hon. June xx
  12. Tuggybear

    After a long time I'm back to crafting

    Welcome back hon, tour cards are lovely and no one would know you'd had a long break. June xx
  13. Tuggybear

    Hello :wavey: I'm back from my holiday.

    Awwwwwww, thanks for the lovely welcome back girls. It's nice to be back though if I could transport the Centre and the horses to Cornwall I'd love to have stayed for always. It was nice to catch up with the neds again. Folly was pleased to see me though he had a major strop when he was ridden without a saddle cos silly mummy forgot to bring it! We all know perfectly well that Folly thinks that working is done under saddle only so he felt quite justified in stamping his great big plates of meat in protest at having to work when he quite clearly should have been grazing! Pepper was really naughty and took a chunk out of Willow's side so I had to perform first aid by which time Pepper had progressed to stealing Kate's mints from her bag (Kate cares for Willow) as no one else is brave enough I then had to rescue the mints and return them to a very annoyed Kate who had brought the mints for Willow and Pepper had not only bitten her little girlie but stolen her mints too. Whilst I was soothing Kate's ire Pepper then managed to steal a couple of Isis's feeds from Alec's bag (which he'd foolishly left in the middle of the small field...what else could he expect a naughty Pepper to do but help himself.) so I had to retrieve those too. By this time i decided that tying him up with the others was probably the best idea or I'd be running round the field after him all day. Guinness is, I am certain, sharing his big beautiful Irish Draught body with his deceased best friend Charlie as he has started to do all the things that Charlie used to do but he didn't. He spent the entire lunch time helping himself to bits of picnic and tea and knocking over cups of pop and people who tried to shove their food in their mouths before he got any. It brought back some lovely memories of dear old XCharlie, who we lost in February and gave us all a good laugh. Isis, Flicka , Dylan and Whisper were above making such a spectacle of themselves and simply stood watching the antics of the others.
  14. Tuggybear

    Time for Tea

    I love these images, they are so nostalgis and you always use such lovely papers and embellishments that compliment them so well. June xx
  15. Got back from Cornwall late on Saturday and spent all of yesterday with the horses, catching up on happenings whilst I've been away so thought I'd better pop on and say hello to you all. We had a great time and the weather was quite good too so we were lucky all round this year. I love Cornwall, it is such a beatiful place and we visited a few areas we hadn't been to before as well as retracing previous holiday adventures so it was really great fun. Not quite so funny when I was sat on a harbour wall in Falmouth with my legs dangling over the wall and my arms wrapped around the rails, eating my bacon sandwich and a ruddy seagull flew straight into my face and after nearly knocking me out scooted off with the biggest share of the sandwich! I ate the other half with my fleece draped across my head so it couldn't see me. Can't really blame them I suppose, if people didn't feed them they'd be off looking for fish in the sea instead of nicking my bacon sandwich. Off to start catching up with everyone now. June xx