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  1. Rosie Savage

    Will you be taking part in Thinking of You Week?

    These are fabulous! Did you enjoy making and sending them, maritrez?
  2. Rosie Savage

    Will you be taking part in Thinking of You Week?

    Seven cards maritrez It is indeed very easy to lose touch! It's why we like this idea so much. Do share your cards with us if you take part...
  3. Rosie Savage

    Will you be taking part in Thinking of You Week?

    So glad you want to be a part of it magpiesdelights! I'm sure your friends in France would appreciate it. The feature will be out well before the event to promote it, but what would be great is if members shared what they do for it and we can put it on our reader letters page after the event
  4. Hi all! Thinking of You Week is approaching! It's taking place from 21-27th September and the event encourages people to send a card a day to create a wave of love, caring and happiness around the world! Isn't that lovely? I'd love to know if it's something you'll be taking part in, as I'm putting together a feature all about correspondence and the art of sending cards/letters/postcards etc. Hope you're all well! Rosie Crafts Beautiful
  5. Rosie Savage

    In Remembrance

    Wow Stakreem, thank you so much for sharing. Your grandad must have had some stories! And your crochet poppies are absolutely beautiful
  6. Rosie Savage

    In Remembrance

    As part of our November issue, we shed light on crafting throughout the First World War - in honour of this year's centenary, and of course for Remembrance Day. If you've got a family story you'd like to share or if you've made something to commemorate the occasion, whether it's a crochet poppy or a family tree album, we'd love to see. If you're looking for something to make, our November issue has a gorgeous poppy book by Carolyn Letten... What have you been making in honour of this year's centenary?
  7. Rosie Savage

    Hello crafters!

    That's wonderful news! The sausage dog project was one of our favourites too. So glad you like the magazine!
  8. Rosie Savage

    Crafts and handmade

    All done for you Emma!
  9. Hello! We don't actually have that competition in Crafts Beautiful magazine I'm afraid... sorry!
  10. Hello crafters! It's that time again when we want to hear from YOU! Our October issue has been out for nearly a week, so we'd love to know what your favourite project was. Simply take part in the poll above to have your say! For me, it just has to be the woodland hoop art. Happy crafting, Rosie
  11. Rosie Savage

    Hello crafters!

    Thank you very much everyone! Mary - it's lovely to hear about your craft group. It must be such fun to get together and enjoy a variety of crafts. I hope they all like Crafts Beautiful! Wendy - I believe you can only get Crafts Beautiful in Canada by subscribing, but you never know where it'll crop up
  12. Rosie Savage

    Hello crafters!

    Hello everyone, You may have noticed my face popping up here and there in the last few issues of Crafts Beautiful - I'm the new Deputy Editor! It's lovely to virtually meet you all. I truly hope you're enjoying the magazine and can't wait to get chit-chatting with you all about it. Do let me know what you're loving at the moment - whether that's a particular feature you can't wait to see each month, or a craft technique you just can't get enough of. Happy crafting! Rosie x
  13. Rosie Savage

    Your fave project from last issue was...

    Hello artym! Sometimes we have offers with a particular supermarket or shop i.e. Tesco will offer an extra free gift on top of the usual gift - but this doesn't happen every month. I hope that explains it Rosie
  14. Rosie Savage

    Beaded Bookmarks

    Wow, I love these! What a fantastic idea. What's your email address Kay? I'd love to feature one of these makes in the magazine. Rosie
  15. Rosie Savage

    Goodbye Forum Challenge!

    Hello jewellery makers! We're mixing things up here at M&SJ HQ. The Forum Challenge is no longer, but don't fret - we'd still love to include your makes in the magazine! Simply share your designs on the Make & Sell Jewellery Magazine section and let us know how you made it, why you love jewellery making etc. Can't wait to see what you've been creating, Rosie, Editorial Assistant