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  1. lizloveswill

    Altered box for ribbons

    Wow that's fab. Mine are in a clear plastic bag! The only thing I have altered is a plastic chinese takeaway box and I only put a label on it that says 'brads'!
  2. lizloveswill

    A taste of Summer and more Smirked!

    Love them all. I have a little of the smirk range but you have made me want more!
  3. lizloveswill

    Valentines cards

    That's what I like to see - a crafty hubby! He'll be wanting his own stuff next.
  4. lizloveswill

    Tilda wall hanging

    It's brill - bet it takes pride of place!
  5. lizloveswill

    Am I really stupid?--changed my mind

    It's looking good - have left you a comment.
  6. lizloveswill

    Wintry Fairy

    Ooooh, that's lovely - great shade of blue.
  7. lizloveswill

    First SU card!

    Gorgeous card, enjoy the rest of your kit.
  8. lizloveswill

    My todays tilda & Whimsical cards!

    These are brill, love the colours you have used.
  9. lizloveswill

    Building my card collection up

    Those are lovely - bet they sell well.
  10. lizloveswill

    Martha Stewart Punches

    Hi, I too have been on the hunt for these punches. You are right about the ebay ones, a tad expensive. Whenever I find them in stock anywhere I will post here to let you know (after I have ordered mine....hehe). Liz.
  11. lizloveswill

    Blog Updates?

    Mines done!
  12. lizloveswill

    Inkjet transparencies - using in papercraft

    Me neither, but let us know how you get on as it sounds interesting.
  13. lizloveswill

    A few more cards...

    Brill cards.
  14. lizloveswill

    1st Bind it all make

    That's super, a bind it all is on my wish list!
  15. lizloveswill

    Latest Makes

    You have been busy, they are all fab.
  16. lizloveswill

    Spring is in the air :-)

    I think they are very cute, well done.
  17. ..........I was kind of hoping that it would be a real heavy snowfall like the kind we used to get. I would get snowed in, I would have a duvet morning, I would have a bowl of tomato soup, I would make lots of cards and I would eat the last of the Christmas chocolate............but it stopped and I will need to go to work. Anyhoo here's what I did tonight, hope you like.
  18. lizloveswill

    Don't you just hate it when . .

    Made a spectacle of yourself then................groan.
  19. lizloveswill

    Cards I made

    All three are lovely, thanks for letting us see them.
  20. lizloveswill

    your worst card

    No chance, ;-)
  21. lizloveswill

    Ooooh something new

    Lookin' good - have left a comment.
  22. lizloveswill

    some of my valentine cards

    Wow you have been busy - all brill.
  23. lizloveswill

    my latest makes and it was snowing earlier.........

    Thanks for all the lovely comments, you have all made my day. Hi Sarah(Princess Tiger), I use die cuts called nestabilities to make my circles. They go through a die cutting machine (I have a big shot but they go thru' others). They come in sets (to cut about 5 or 6 different sizes), I have circles and scalloped circles and rectangles. They are a bit pricey (about £20 a set) but worth every penny. I am hoping to get the ovals soon and may have a look on ebay for a bargain! Hope that helps - Liz.
  24. lizloveswill

    my latest makes and it was snowing earlier.........

    Thank you very much Janice.
  25. lizloveswill

    Yay! I'm excited

    PS - just hopped over to your blog and left a comment - looking good!