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  1. FormerBlonde

    I am soooo fed up

    seriously big hugs to all my buddies new and newer on here xx
  2. FormerBlonde

    I am soooo fed up

    oh my oh my thankyou all soooooooooooo much am dyslexic after having encephalitis 5 yrs ago and it is still taking time to come to terms with after 30 odd years of not being am going to citizens advice tomorrow she never mentioned that in the reference,but when she told me what she was going to say in it, she was very clear there were issues there with it so thanks again, I feel more able to take this forward now xx joanne xx
  3. FormerBlonde

    still havent found one of these

    finally found one in morrisons 6 miles away phew lol xx
  4. FormerBlonde

    I am soooo fed up

    after the joy of my new job, it turns out that my current head teacher, said in her reference , that she would not employ me at the level of that job, and so the head at the new school decided that she wouldnt either my current head said she wouldnt employ me at that level as she didnt think I could cope with my dyslexia, and I feel a little disgruntled at this am utterly distrought and am going to be unemployed by friday not great hey sorry for moaning, havent blogged for a good while,, feeling hormonal,, now stressed, and my son is being assessed for aspergers phew sorry again,,, really needed the moan I guess thanks all xx
  5. FormerBlonde

    A sad time

    here here xx
  6. FormerBlonde

    still havent found one of these

    oh sorry ladies still not feelign great just meant not managed to find one of the new mag,, lets get crafting living in the back of beyond mebbe xx
  7. FormerBlonde

    been off here for a few days and thanks silver custard

    thanks girls,, good to be back,, lost my confidence for a while,, such is life and hormones xx
  8. had a bit of a naff week really,., felt rotten, time of the month and all that but back for now, and wanting to thank silver custard for cheering me up with a lovely atc today made me smile, what I needed so thanks so much lovey x
  9. FormerBlonde

    People with Blogs!

    Here you go,, my blog xx
  10. FormerBlonde

    Misadventures with glue

    hey lovey my mum, one dark damp night, was there knitting away then what should happen,, the rotten end came off her needle I know, she thought,, there is some superglue in the drawer so off she pootles to find the glue puts ,, perhaps a little too much on the nobbly end bit,, and holds it on the end of the needle well now,, she didnt notice that the glue was running down towards the gap between her index and middle finger,, that is , until she removed her hand from the needle and couldnt seperate them !!! lots of warm soapy water later, and a very sharp knife, she was in posession of 5 digits not 4 !! so you are not the only glue disaster !! xx
  11. FormerBlonde

    The New Word Association Thread

  12. FormerBlonde

    OMgosh, how lucky am I

    a gentleman admirer of mine surprised me yesterday I had one of those card things through my door from the post office to go collect something,, I assumed it was some books I had ordered for my boys well yes, it was those, but also a cuttlebug and a set of alphabet dies OH MY GOSh havent tried it yet,, its sat on my table cant quite believe its here phew,, have been bursting to put this here since yesterday just hope I can do something half as good as Jules aka devonbunny did with hers xx jo xx
  13. FormerBlonde

    crafty shops

    I use my local garden centre, or the range, or hobbycraft, but love to shop online,, its fun x
  14. FormerBlonde


    bummer,, no snow here keeps threatening, but nothing appears too sunny lol love the pics though,, wish I had an open fire guess could do a bonfire in the garden, but as it is a shared one, not sure the neighbours would appreciate it lol xx