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  1. :-) Huge thanks to Maritrez & Pink puppy, I received a beautiful birthday card and a fab See-D's, with 16 stamps inside it,what a thoughtful and lovely gift,thanks again Maritrez, huge thanks also to pink puppy,for another beautiful birthday card and some delightful stamped images,thanks again,these gifts and cards made my day sooo special...Thank you both Luv Maureen xx
  2. Glitzzy

    Birthday card, Made by my lovely James :)

    Louise,card is perfect...hope he didn't mess up your tidy craft room to much lol mind in a while he might not let you in it...I have a James as well,he takes over my craft room for special cards he makes as well. Luv Maureen x Ps received your beautiful card and rak,thanks so much,have put in thanks list.x
  3. Glitzzy

    Evening Acceptance and Birthday

    Both cards are so lovely,luv pins you used in second card. Luv Maureen
  4. Glitzzy

    Using a LOTV Image

    Stunning card Natalie,luv colour,paper you have used is that summer bloom,it looks fab. Luv Maureen x
  5. Glitzzy

    Mans card for a commission

    Woww Maggie,such a stunning card, Luv Maureen x
  6. Glitzzy

    another card

    Stunning Karen,your flowers look fab,luv colours everything. Luv Maureen
  7. Glitzzy

    Wedding card

    Really pretty,image is just fantastic. Luv Maureen
  8. Glitzzy

    Sugar Nelli card

    aaww isn't she so cute...colours are lovely,like papers you have used,gems finish it off so well. Luv Maureen
  9. Glitzzy

    cards made using B/D rak from sequin

    Barbara, you have been busy,your cards are all special,luv colours you have used,they all look so fresh and pretty, luv lady with huge hat sitting with a child by the sand,just beautiful,luv all of them. Luv Maureen x
  10. Glitzzy

    Retro card from barbara19 rak

    Maggie me darling,not forgetting thon wee moose lol, am loving your card,so elegant,colours are just fab, well done you..Luv Maureen xx
  11. Glitzzy

    cards made with bd rak from saramar

    Hi Barbara, hope you are well? I am luving your cards thay are all so fantastic...Isn't Susan,kind. Luv Maureen x
  12. Glitzzy


    Diana, well done on managing to move back into your home,am loving your makes, so stunning. Luv Maureen x
  13. Glitzzy

    awww promarker teds

    Joanne, your makes are soooo cute I love them,colours used are fab. Luv Maureen x
  14. Glitzzy

    After a long time I'm back to crafting

    Welcome back Sarah, I myself not been on line very often either,due to various health stuff,am enjoying calling in every now and then, to keep in touch with what everyone;s doing. Your cards are just lovely Sarah, Luv Maureen x
  15. Glitzzy

    Flutter on Butterfly

    Hi Natalie, hope you are well hun,your card is just amazing,I adore summer bloom papers, so easy to use them,your butterfly,is adorable,I luv them. Luv Maureen x
  16. Glitzzy

    Japanese Style

    Hey Kaz, love your card,colours you have used are fantastic..makes it so soft,papers are lovely, in short beautiful work... Luv Maureen x
  17. Glitzzy

    Card made with RAK from Sarah x

    Louise,wowwweee loving your card,its so stunning,kind of Sarah,to send you the RAK, nice to receive kindness from other crafters, Sarah,like yourself are always kind, Love Maureen x
  18. Glitzzy

    Recent makes from last week xx

    Hello Maggie darling, am luving your makes wowwwww they are stunning... Can't believe that wee moose is still cleaning lol.. Luv Maureen x
  19. Glitzzy

    Fairy Box Frame

    Hi Sarah, I luv this gift,I have those faries,just luv them,good idea with the frame. Luv Maureen x
  20. Glitzzy

    Donkey Smiles

    Sarah,this card is so going to cheer her up,its so lovely. Luv Maureen x
  21. Glitzzy


    Hi, if you have ink pad,you could distress round the edges of tags,then cut out some shapes with paper you have,like squares or circles etc,add some gems or ribbon and you are done,Natalie,has given you some good tips as well,like to see pic' once you have tried them out. Luv Maureen x
  22. Glitzzy

    Whiff of Joy friends / Bright card

    Sarah, lost for words your card is beautiful..your shading on stamped images is just perfect,colours you have used are to die for.. Sure you will win lots of luv and luv Maureen x
  23. Glitzzy

    couple Card

    Sarah, me darling I adore your card... wowww stunning is the word that comes to mind..luv colours you have used as well. Luv Maureen x
  24. Glitzzy

    more forever friends makes

    Really pretty cards,luv forever friends. Luv Maureen x
  25. Glitzzy

    Engagement card

    Hi, I made this engagement card for a friends son, placed background paper on card,printed out topper on photo paper,matted and layered it, added to card, placed some peel offs on front off card,placed some lovely black/white lace down side of back and front of the card, also along bottom front ,added a pretty insert and a nice ribbon,all finished.Hope you like,Thanks for looking. Luv Maureen x