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  1. Ainjewelz


    Hi and welcome to the forum
  2. Ainjewelz

    Bird House

    Beautiful birdhouse, I love it
  3. Ainjewelz

    CB Blog List

    Hi I'm a newbie and think your blog list is a great idea. I'm going to sit with a coffee later and do a little blog hopping. Feel free to add my blog to the list http://www.ainjewelz.blogspot.co.uk/ I go through fazes of blogging often and then sometimes don't blog at all, but really trying to make it a regular thing now and trying to craft more too
  4. Ainjewelz

    baby card

    lovely card
  5. Ainjewelz


    Hi I'm Deborah and I'm new here, well when I say new I mean I just realised I joined in 2008 but have never really been keeping up to date with the forum or even posted. I'm hoping this will change now though I love all types of craft and I'll give anything a try, but I would say that at the moment I am mainly a paper crafter. I also love mixed media art, digital art, photography and upcycling furniture. Looking forward to participating in this forum and getting to know some new crafting people