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  1. Ultramum

    Volunteer to take over RAK List

    That's how I got it!
  2. I'm asking for a new volunteer to compile the list and keep it up to date as I don't spend as much time on the forum as I used to, nor do as much crafting. It's a relatively simple job and only requires updating when someone new wants to join, with some winnowing out about every 12-18 months as people leave the forum or move onto other things. If you can send emails and type a list then you would be able to do it :-) Thanks Eve
  3. Ultramum

    New Updated RAK List

    Hi all Have just sorted out the new slimline RAK list. If you replied to the recent email asking you to reply if you wanted to stay on the list then it should appear in your email inbox very shortly :-) If you haven't received an updated list BUT did want to stay on the list you'd better let me know! PM me your address and details again cos I have deleted all the addresses I had apart from the ones who wanted to stay on the list (due to Data Protection rules).
  4. Hi Carolyn and Louise :-) Just wanted to say Thank you to you both for your Christmas Cards and presents and to Louise for her birthday card to me: Carolyn sent a lovely angel to decorate my Christmas tree and Louise sent a lovely bracelet Sorry about the delay in sending my thanks as was wanting to take photos but suspect my camera is with the in-laws in Newcastle! Needed an excuse for a new one!!!
  5. Ultramum

    Log in help

    Will do :-)
  6. Ultramum

    Log in help

    Not yet - Clara has replied to me saying I can pass on her email addy if ne3cessary but it is still the same one as when she joined so that doesn't explain why the password reminders are not going to her ...
  7. Ultramum

    Log in help

    Hi there I've had an email from Clara Cluck to say that she can't log in as she has forgotten her password but when she asks for a new password it doesn't come to her email. I've asked her to check which email she signed up with in case she's changed email addys. I have her present email addy and am waiting to see if she is happy for me to pass it on in a PM to one of the tech bods if that is of any help!
  8. Ultramum


    :red: :-)
  9. Ultramum

    Sad News

    What sad news :-( Thinking of you I used to work as a telephone counsellor for a charity - when we were trained we were told that often people who have made the decision to take their own lives seem happier just beforehand - to do with the relief that comes from taking the actual decision and to hide their decision from others ...
  10. Ultramum

    Recycling time

    :-) The sentiment on the card with the pile of books is a second time recycling! I put it on a card for a friend and then was given all their cards to use again!!! :coolsmile:
  11. Ultramum

    Recycling time

    Each of these cards has some element of recycling to it - in some cases the image or the sentiment or other bits ... that's sorted SIL, niece and friend's son for less than £1!!! As D's job is a bit iffy then that is all to the good!
  12. Ultramum

    Butterfly whiff of Joy

    Ooops! :-S
  13. Ultramum

    Gorjuss card for a colleague

    Lovely card
  14. Ultramum

    Dad's pub card

    Love it!
  15. Ultramum

    1st Birthday card