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  1. twiggypeasticks

    Hello, hello it's good to be back....

    It's also good to see that my blog link still works
  2. Hello strangers,I've been away for a loooooooong time but wanted to get back to it as my crafting mojo has disappeared. I'm hoping coming back here will get me crafting again. Cheers Twiggy
  3. twiggypeasticks

    Quick question

    thanks hun, I might make some matching earrings and keep it, I love Elmo
  4. twiggypeasticks

    Quick question

    ooops I forgot, here we go, hope you like it
  5. twiggypeasticks

    I'm on an earring roll !!!!

    thanks hun
  6. twiggypeasticks

    Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts

    I really fancy this book too, I have some birthday money to spend, so................................. Twiggy x
  7. twiggypeasticks

    Post Your CB Inspired Makes Here

    Ooo some lovely makes on this thread, well done everyone. twiggy x
  8. twiggypeasticks

    I'm in CB!!

    Well done hun. I'm in this month too, isn't it exciting ???? Twiggy x
  9. twiggypeasticks

    I'm in this months CB !!

    Ooops sorry posted my messageoriginally in general chat !!! Anyhoo thanks again, I was amazed as I'd forgotten I'd sent a photo in of the little felt hearts I'd made from the February Issue. I was flicking through the magazine and thought, ooo I made some of those hearts, that looks like my sofa, hang on it's me - blimey I've never had anythong of mine published so I'm REALLY chuffed. The other nice thing is that I sent one of the hearts off to a lovely lady from blogland who was doing a fundraiser for the British Heart foundation. She asked for heart themed donations from blogland crafters. She was inundated and so far has made a fantastic £450 for this great cause. Brilliant !! Twiggy x PS Really wish I'd mentioned in my email to CB that I'm Twiggypeaticks on the forum - doh !!!
  10. twiggypeasticks

    Sharing a bit of secret news...

    That is such lovely news hun. Twiggy x
  11. twiggypeasticks

    Oooo I'm in this months Crafts Beautiful

    Thanks ladies Twiggy x
  12. twiggypeasticks

    Oooo I'm in this months Crafts Beautiful

    thanks hun x
  13. twiggypeasticks

    Oooo I'm in this months Crafts Beautiful

    Thanks Twiggy x
  14. What a lovely surprise, I had completely forgotten that I'd emailed a photo of some hearts I made using the pattern in Februarys issue. I was flicking through the magazine today and thought, oo I made some of those hearts, that looks like my sofa, blimey it's me !!!!!! I wish I'd mentioned that I'm also forum member Twiggypeasticks What a lovely, lovely surprise, Thanks CB !!! Twiggy x
  15. twiggypeasticks

    Quick question

    Well I did it last night and no it didn't. In fact when I took the button apart the shank was threaded through so I could pull it out with the wire cutters without actually cutting it. The ring looks good, I'll post a pic later. Thanks for all your helpful comments ladies. Twiggy