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  1. AngelGoneMad

    No Search Function???

    Hi, I haven't been on the forum in a while and have noticed a lot of changes and it's looking good. There is one thing that I am missing and can't seem to find: the search function? I used to be able to search for various posts by using key words but I can't find a search box anywhere now. I can see the search through topics by going through my profile which shows me the topics in which I have participated. Does anyone have a search bar or is it just me that isn't getting it? Or is it on the website but can only view it via a different version of internet explorer/chrome etc? I am currently viewing through Chrome. Just tried viewing through Internet Explorer and well, let's just say I didn't like it on there. Look forward to someone's help with this
  2. AngelGoneMad

    Ladies aran hoodie

    That's absolutely gorgeous! ! Love it! Xx
  3. AngelGoneMad

    Just finished

    They are lovely Aisles!!xx
  4. AngelGoneMad

    Tinsel Hedgehogs

    Aww they are lovely little hedgehogs! !xx
  5. AngelGoneMad

    Dull damp Thursday

    Goose - thanks..extra hands to help are always good. We decided to name bed Skye and we are so in love <3 I feel so blessed to have two gorgeous little princesses!! Aww bless Sophie..how old is she now? I have all that to look forward to again...The messy days lol! KQ - thanks..aww you are never going to forget that date then wee madam was only one day overdue..technically labour did start late PM on due date but didn't have her until late morning on 30th. K & F - thanks. No not overly exhausted. Just taking some getting used to again lol CN - thanks see above for name sorry to hear you aren't feeling too great..hope it clears up for you soon! Well today we want along to toddlers again (was there last week too) and I can tell DD#1 had missed it massively..she's just in her element paying with other kids! Can't wait until Skye is big enough for them to play with one another. .although not looking forward to sibling wars lol Hoping to start our Christmas shopping this weekend as we haven't done any yet which is very unlike us..normally have it all done and dusted before end of October. Haven't been up to much else today..just been seeing my grandmother and mother in law for lunch then home and on here. Might manage to squeeze in some crochet tonight after I finish off some toddler committee stuff. Happy crafting everyone!! Might be back later..xx
  6. AngelGoneMad

    Hello from Su2ie

    Thanks for letting us know Goose and Su2ie if you are treading this I hope you are all okay and I hope your family member(s) get better soon xx
  7. AngelGoneMad

    Southern Kisses Shawl

    Thanks ladies..still undecided whether to add a button or two or not seeing as it's for DD#1 and she is only 2 so not sure she would understand how to keep it on without falling off...by rights it should be able to wrap over her shoulders underneath but can't tell as she won't let me try it on her
  8. AngelGoneMad

    Southern Kisses Shawl

    Southern Kisses Shawl by Kathy Lashley. .although I have made it smaller to suit DD#1..AND she refuses to try it on 😧 Here's link to pattern.. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/southern-kisses-shawl
  9. AngelGoneMad

    Wishy-washy Wednesday

    Hi folks.. Sorry been so long since written but I've been a bit busy as other half was on holiday for a week then just as he was back at work for a couple of days he was off again and I had our second daughter on 30.10.14 (only 1 day overdue..thankfully! !) So for past 2 weeks I have been busy at home with a newborn and toddler. .and I am exhausted lol. K & F - similar weather to us then. It has just all of a sudden gotten very wild outside!! I have hear nano is quite productive for writers put there Well done one on entering the competition! Goose - ah spag bol sounds lovely..better than the mince and tatties I made tonight. Don't know what I did it just tasted so off to me..but I think that's all to do with hormones etc. KQ - wouldn't it be lovely if we could just magic ourselves from one place to another?
  10. AngelGoneMad

    Monster Hand Puppet

    Looks brilliant Su2ie...The kids and DF will love it xx
  11. AngelGoneMad

    decoupage tray

    Great work CN..brilliant cutting..I find fussy cutting very sore on the hands xx
  12. AngelGoneMad

    Sunday early start

    CN - baby is due 29th October Ooo will try and get on tomorrow to see the pics have never decoupaged anything before but I have some 3rd letters that I need to do lol
  13. AngelGoneMad

    Sunday early start

    Evening all, Been missing in action again, have been so busy since being back at work training up my maternity cover and then I am just done in by time I am home so just been taking it easy and resting once I am home. Haven't been up to much this weekend as I have been feeling poorly for past few days (since Thursday..started with sore throat and cough) and still feeling awful..but on a positive note, I only have to work until back of 11am tomorrow morning and then that's me on annual/maternity leave YAY!!!! Haven't been working on much crafty stuff as such..tried to get my friends scarf finished for her birthday today but failed, will give it to her once I am finished but I gave her something else instead. Haven't been able to work on the ripple blanket this week but I was at craft class on Wednesday night and we were doing Macramé..I didn't like it to start with, but I blame baby brain, once I got past a certain point, I started to enjoy it I still have to finish the project but it shouldn't take me too long once I get a spare few hours..uninterrupted haha. Eliza - sorry to hear about your shoulder giving you jip and hope the meal goes smoothly. Opal - I am sure your paintings are fine..every crafter are their own worst critic. Stakreem - hope you had a lovely day with your daughter K&F - hope your MIL is doing well. Serendipity2 - hope the roast was lovely. I couldn't manage supper tonight as had a big (well big for me at moment) lunch. CN - sorry to hear about your restless night and I hope your shoulder is better for you tonight so you can get a goods nights rest. Hope to see your decoupage work soon Goose - it's nice to have a quiet home. I know that's going to change for me soon..will have visitors in and out all the time. LOL Might have to get sign put up outside hehe. Hmm..it's noq just after 9..considering doing some crochet but to be honest, got such a sore head that it's probably a good idea that I don't. Think I might just head to bed soon...and I can get cracking with crochet once I am home tomorrow hehe..can you tell I am excited to be finishing work haha.
  14. AngelGoneMad

    scarecrow Saturday

    Stakreem - oh tops turvy that sounds interesting. The summer house is 12' x 8' and is 2.5m high. Serendipity 2 - thanks K&F - jumper is looking lovely and will keep you nice and cosy when winter gets here
  15. AngelGoneMad

    Mini Amish Puzzle Ball

    Stakreem - I am not sure if I will make the puzzle animal but I definitely want to give her bigger puzzle ball a bash. Not sure about the animal as I haven't done any animals and not very confident with working in rounds like arugurmi want to work up to that though.