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  1. laura1964

    Can Can? of course you Can can!

    thanks im off to have a look!
  2. laura1964


    nice and warm ready for wintertime! well done
  3. laura1964

    wrap around scarf

    i agree that colour is fab just my sort of colour and that looks so nice well done
  4. laura1964

    Cherish by Kim Hargreaves

    that is lovely well done
  5. laura1964

    Baby bonnet and cardigan

    very very pretty i should think they will look super on well done
  6. laura1964

    Can Can? of course you Can can!

    fantastic how do you get the curly effect is it the yarn or the stitching
  7. laura1964

    Teddies for Tragedy

    lovely bears well done i am sure they will be well received
  8. laura1964

    shower puff & buffy hat

    well done very nice
  9. laura1964

    whiff of joy easel card

    lovely card easel cards are so impressive well done
  10. laura1964

    I love you- easel card

    i thinks its brilliant the only thing i would have done differently and its only a personal thing i would have done a play on words and done i love ewe as in sheep!
  11. laura1964

    art deco card

    lovely well done
  12. laura1964

    odd bits

    wonderful nice colouring and super card
  13. laura1964

    Sugar Nellie Easel card

    really lovely well done
  14. laura1964

    Time for Tea

    lovely well done
  15. laura1964

    Just For You

    ive got some of those decoupage they are lovely! well done