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  1. I want to thank Barbara and Shirley (Golfer) for my lovely Birthday Cards and Rak's, I really dont deserve them as Ive not shown my face in here for months :red: Thank you so much ladies, I had a lovely day on Weds and was totally spoilt.. Ive been so hectic and busy life gets in the way of coming on here and even crafting at the moment, Ive made a few cards but typically always forget to take photo's before posting them or handing them over. I will post up some pictures a little later. Big hugs Kaz xx
  2. Copse

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good Afternoon Ladies Long time I Know !! things have just been hectic as usual, the new job is meaning working longer hours and not getting any PC time by the time im home and we have had Dinner the evening is half gone, we have had a nice break away mum was in respite for 2 and half weeks so we could have a nice rest, DH and Pups had a week in Wales in a nice cottage near Llangollen, lol I even managed a little Crafty shopping at the Crafter Cove ha-ha much to DH dismay but it was a shame to be parked in front of it and not go it, it would have been rude not too :-) ha-ha... I have been crafting a little just for my DT and a few commision cards for work so Im still enjoying that, just dont get much time just to make a card for the heck of it :-) Hope you are all keeping Well, Laverne I really must catch up I must have missed so much of your news. Natalie: Hope you feel better soon saw on FB that you are not too good hope Josh and Ava are well ? Take care everyone, I promise not to leave it so long next time Hugs Kaz
  3. Copse

    some of my DT Cards

    Thanks so much ladies nice to find some time to post and see you all again x
  4. Copse

    some of my DT Cards

    Hi Ladies I know I've been awol from the forum but I just wanted to share some of my DT cards with you, Ive not been completely idle in the crafting dept. Hope you are all well ladies and thanks for looking :-) Hugs Kaz x
  5. Copse

    Hello ladies

    Hi Ladies Sorry Ive not been around, work and life are overtaking at the moment, what with the new job and working longer hours I dont get so much time for coming on here or crafting, Im managing some DT cards but thats it at the moment.. Luckily things seem to have died down and the last weekend was the firsty time I actually had siome good crafting time. My Job is going well now 5 months in :gulp: I know I cant believe it myself lol, looking forward to be able to get some nice Glasses I have to be there 6 months, all my laduies are ordering frames and I cant yet Grrrr... The Pups are growing fast, they had their first puppy grooming on Sunday, Keisha loved it but she's a Diva anyway, Rocco wasnt keen having his face trimmed lol.. Hope all you ladies are well :-) Catch up soon Kaz
  6. Copse

    thank you karen (copse)

    Your very welcome Barbara
  7. Copse


    Well Done big congrats from Me Natalie, thoroughly deserved :-) hugs, Kazzy
  8. Copse

    Rocco and Keisha

    Hi Ladies Well as promised here are Rocco and Keisha, Rocco is the Shi-Poo ( Black one he's 10 weeks old, Keisha is the Bichon shes 13 weeks old, they are both good, very playfull with each other, rocco's more playfull than Keisha, she's a bit of a Diva, went get out of her bed unless she has too lol.. thanks Kaz
  9. Copse

    The Good Morning Thread

    Thanks Natalie Barbara keisha is a bichon frise and rocco is a shi-poo and both cute lol. I tried to post pics but they where to big will sort some out soon. Have a good day all x Hugs
  10. Copse

    The Good Morning Thread

    Hi Ladies Sorry ive not been about, last weekend we got 2 new Puppies called Rocco and Keisha and as you can image ive been really busy not getting much time for Crafting at all, just managing to keep up with my DT work and thats about it.. Hope you are all well ? Works going well but very busy as usual, cant believe Ive been there 2 months already and last week we got our Christmas party invitations, its a Boat on the Thames thats moored near the embankment so looking forward to that, should be fun. Marks ok, mums the usual Im afraid new tabs worked for a bit now they arnt, but thats lfe I guess back to the GP for something else. wishing you all a lovely evening. Hugs Kaz x
  11. Copse

    The Good Morning Thread

    Yeah Barbara that's what I thought, I might just clarify with hr what they want first, everyone loves my cards so it would be a shame not to make any for them, hope you are well hunny
  12. Copse

    commision cards

    Hi ladies Here are my commision cards I made yesterday Some Nancy Watt Decoupage sheets on 2 for them, 2 Dreamweavers makes, ones for a Engagement not sure about it looks OTT on the flowers to me but too late now, and the other is a Christmas card, I made one before and the Lady wanted one the same with from our house to Your house in It but I ran out of the ribbon so had to use White. Thanks for looking Kaz x
  13. Copse

    The Good Morning Thread

    Hi Ladies So sorry ive been AWOL for some time, works just been so busy and I got lots of Card commisions from the ladies at work yesterday I made 7 cards, 1 for my DT, 2 I had made but they needed a sentiments my customer wanted, then I made 4 from scratch, I asked at work if I could sell my cards, was told yes but not for my own personal profit any cards I sell all the proceeds have to go towards our Companies Charity. Ive made these bespoke cards now so will have to hand them out and any I make now will be not so elebrate No WOC flowers and 20 Gems like my usual makes lol, Ive got so much stuff I can make a nice selection to sell at work for the Charity, just not sure What I will do if any ladies want Personalised ones or something a little special, so far Ive sold £35 worth of cards and I was going to give some of that to charity but I need to cover my Costs of materials on the posher cards WOC flowers arnt cheap as you all know.. I dont want to get into trouble at work though so will decide what to do soon. Hope all you ladies are well ? mums a little more calmer now shes on different meds which is good but she still has bad days, she's been calling out a lot today but Yesterday she was really good. Have a good sunday afternoon ladies and catch up soon Hugs Kaz x
  14. Copse

    2nd Commision card

    OK ladies, this is the 2nd card for my commision, she wanted Pink, She got Pink LOL I hope its not too much pink.. She loved my Tild with a brolly and wanted a 8 x 8 card for her Granddaughter, I made this into a Easel style card and layered some Coloured and White papers underneath for her to write her message. hope she likes it.. was thinking of £3.50 for this one due to all the flowers and Bling I used.. anyway thanks for looking ladies Kaz x
  15. Copse

    OK I need some Opinions

    Hi Ladies I was asked at my new work to make a couple of commision cards, Ive been working on this one but need to know if it looks ok for a Anniversary card I used Handmade mulbury papers which are rough cut, the front panel I made using dreamweavwer paste in white and covered it in glamour dust it doesnt help because it's 8 x 8 so lots of bare card. anyway does it look ok I was going to charge £3 does that sound fair ? Hugs Kaz