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    Hair accessories , hair clips and headbands making
  1. Evie-babyboutique

    Are you not allowed to upload pics - see here

    mmmmm. The problem still exists. Has somebody noticed it? And is somebody working on it?
  2. Evie-babyboutique


    Hello and welcome to the family Lynn Nice to meet you. Happy crafting
  3. Evie-babyboutique

    Hello from a kind of newbie ;)

    Hello Becci . Welcome to the family. Good luck & Happy crafting.
  4. Evie-babyboutique

    Are you not allowed to upload pics - see here

    Thank you so much. Once it is fixed i will upload a lot of pictures thanks to all of you for the help
  5. Evie-babyboutique

    Are you not allowed to upload pics - see here

    I am trying to make a new album and i am not allowed to. Is there a reason for that? Actualy a mesage the category you are trying to add this album in is not correct or something similar. But there's a drop down menu for album category which is blank and i can not choose anything. Can i create a new album or not? Thank you very much
  6. Evie-babyboutique

    New from Washington (state)

    Hello & to the forum
  7. Evie-babyboutique

    Good morning!

    Hello & to the forum
  8. Evie-babyboutique

    Hello! Newbie art student here

    Hello and welcome.
  9. Evie-babyboutique

    I love you people

    Newbies and proffesional crafters Hello one more time I haven't been around for couple of weeks and there you go the forum looks completely different I like it, even more than before. good luck and have fun everyone XXX Evie
  10. Evie-babyboutique

    welcome one and all

    hello and thank you 2belle.
  11. Evie-babyboutique

    looking to chat!

    Hello and welcome to the forum. I would love to chat with you PM me
  12. Evie-babyboutique

    Hi everyone newbie here :)

    Hello and welcome to the forum. Good luck
  13. Evie-babyboutique

    hello world

    hello and welcome. Enjoy the time spent here.. And best of luck
  14. Evie-babyboutique


    Hello Alice and welcome. You are at the right place. Good luck
  15. Evie-babyboutique

    Another newbie

    Hello Em. Welcome to the forum , have fun and good luck