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    Fiddling,tinkering,creating and faffing! Anything to keep my very active hands and mind distracted while my body continues to misbehave! I'm the kind of crafter that gets an idea but has no idea most of the time how to get to the end product, so I tend to take days to create a simple card! Between lack of knowledge, lack of money and a wondering mind I'm actually quite impressed I ever finish a project at all!
  1. Freaky Fairy

    What die cutter and embosser to get

    Don't worry my little crafters! My hubby has just won a Big Shot on Ebay I was owed a birthday present from last week and he said he would buy something off of my Amazon Wish list. Both of the die cutters were on there but as he's already bought me a Nexus tablet he didn't want to spend too much! Then he just shouted from his office....Won one!! Random statement until I found out he's been bidding on it for days!! Get in there!! Its one of the original Black and pink ones, starter kit with all included it says. Yes its been pre-loved but I don't care! I'm a hobby crafter living on a budget so not bothered as long as I have 1!! 1 very happy crafty wife! xx
  2. Freaky Fairy

    What die cutter and embosser to get

    I'm in the same position as you hun! Decisions decisions eh? But the more I look around at reviews and recommendations the more confused I get! I was heading towards the big shot because of the great reviews then read quite a few times that if any other die or folder is used in them it invalidates the warranty whereas the Cuttlebug actually states it is universal and then I got even more confused when the Grand calibre was recommended for the same reason! So do any of you knowledgeable crafters know if its true? xxx
  3. Freaky Fairy

    dremel help

    I found out thru trial and error! I found random objects of different materials, shapes and sizes and tested every head and then marking them for reference! Not that it matters now as my beloved hubby borrowed the 1st 2 (one after the other, I had one for crafts and one to do my nails) and both of them died weekday in his care!!! After months of nagging he got me a new replacement and he's once again borrowed it but can't remember where he's left it! Have fun practicing hun! Xx
  4. Freaky Fairy

    Hello fellow crafters!

    Hi Guys and thank you for you're input! I was speaking to my parents yesterday about it and for some reason, and I won't argue too much, they have offered to buy me a printer as long as its around the £50 price! I do have The best support network around me, I was discussing the printer problem whilst they were over doing my housework for me.......I'm one very lucky lady! Anyway I have spent today going round and round the internet, lists upon list (yes I'm a lister and a post it noter!!) reviewing and comparing! I had narrowed it down to either a HP or a Canon with pros and cons for both! But in the end it came down to availability and my Parents are picking up the HP 2452 for me tomorrow! The cons of this model are the price of ink, but that's the cons for all HP printers and this was cheaper than some, and the fact it appears to not be able to print on transparencies! I can't seem to see what they class transparencies as but I do a bit of printing on Acetates. But there are ways around this I'm quite happy to print outlined pix on my hubbies B&W laser jet and either colour in or heat emboss colour onto it so for the price (Currently £39.99 at Argos!) it seems the best option for what I want! Artym, thank you for your offer to ask your son. Unfortunately my health issues aren't going to go away any time soon! I have 3 different degenerative chronic conditions but as long as I have my Family and friends and my Glitters and Glues life isn't all bad! x x x
  5. Freaky Fairy

    Cutting mats, craft knives etc.

    I've just bought another #4 swann morton handle with 5 blades off of Amazon for less than £5 Inc p&p. I have 2 #3s and 2 #4s and a Stanley knife. I have a variety of different blades for different jobs. Heed the warning though they are extremely sharp.... As my right foot found out with I accidently dropped one! Don't use excessive force as the blades can snap and stay clear of the disposable ones, the handles aren't sturdy enough to cope imo! As far as the cutting board goes, I agree the works its usually the best place price wise. I have a few different sized actually cutting mats but I also have a few 'homemade disposable one's'. These I get cheap breadboards from the £store and one of their baking trays, I then hot glue the board to the tray to give it a bit of substance. This are great for your the jobs that I need the Stanley knife for as it doesn't if it gets too cut up whilst also providing a catching area around the board! Xx
  6. Freaky Fairy

    Hello fellow crafters!

    Hi all! I don't normally post in forums but I do read through and love the tips, tricks and alternate ideas! I'm probably classed as an intermediate crafter although I'm getting better, medically retired so have a lot of time on my hands, even if the time I take means I'll never be able to work productively to create multiples! I've always been a bit of a DIYer, creating things when I couldn't find the exact thing I envisioned. I started making cards as I begrudged paying a fortune for a standard card that has been mass produced. I tend to craft across all platforms, (excuse me if I sometimes don't say the real phrase my poor brain has been bombarded with nasty meds that have left their footprints in my brain,) i.e. I colour, paint, create and buy embellishments and PC/Printed things. So that leads me to why I need to pick you're brains........My beloved HP inkjet all in one printer has decided it is over worked and has become very jaundiced, meaning even though I've changed the cartridge, cleaned the system etc etc etc it has started printed in very pale black and extreme yellow only! It is a few years old but wasn't cheap at the P.O.P. but I have hammered it over the years with photo and card products so I will forgive its inconsiderate behaviour but that does mean I NEED a new colour printer! We have a 2nd laserjet all in 1 printer but its not colour and its not cost effective to get mine repaired/serviced, lowest quote is £49.99 and I can get a new one from approx the same price! So I'd like you input please? Which printer do you use for your crafting and why? Both our printers are HP, along with our laptops, but whilst I would prefer to stick to hp as I know their products I would actually be happy to go for a different make if needed! HP have a nasty habit of overcharging for their inks (£25 approx for 1 out of the 2 cartridges!!!) All I require is the ability to print photo quality pix, wireless connectivity and the ability to print on various mediums! Have any of you got any input as to what I should be looking for? Thank you Jojo