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  1. Bridget P


    I'm sorry this is causing such a problem for you! Your account for all of our craft sites is the same - so if you change the password on one, it will change it for all of them. So you should be able to login to Homemaker and Make it Today with your new password you just created.
  2. Bridget P


    Hi Maritrez, The login for the main site and the forum is separate, so you will need to login on the main site here: http://www.crafts-beautiful.com/maker/login If you have not registered on the site, you can register here: http://www.crafts-beautiful.com/maker/register If you continue to have difficulties please pm me your email address and I will find out the source of the issue for you.
  3. Bridget P

    Digital subscription no bonus gift?

    Hi, yes the digital subscriptions do not include the cover gifts.
  4. Bridget P

    Photos and videos

    Hi, This seems to be an IOS8 issue - there are apparently issues uploading to Imgur, Imageshack, Photobucket, Google Drive etc. The developers of our forum are aware of the issue and there is a bug report but I suspect it will be resolved by an IOS8 bug fix. In the meantime you could try downloading Google Chrome onto your ipad, I believe that people are having success uploading files using that browser instead of Safari. Regards, Bridget
  5. Bridget P

    Is it just me..

    Hi, Not a problem, I am glad you managed to get it to work for you
  6. Bridget P

    Is it just me..

    Hi June, Did you manage to get this sorted out? Are you trying to add a link in a post?
  7. Bridget P

    Forum not loading completely

    We have changed where the Crafts Beautiful forum link takes you to and appreciate any feedback on these changes. We are also reducing the popup subscription ads to try and improve the user experience
  8. Bridget P

    Forum not loading completely

    Hi, where are you coming from? We have recently changed the links from our sites to go to the areas of the forum that are most relevant to those magazines.
  9. Bridget P


    Hi maritrez, Those options are not currently available on the forum. We will take the tabs off to minimise further confusion. Bridget
  10. Bridget P

    Arranging topics in reverse date order

    That sounds like great functionality Unfortunately we can't offer that at this time, but I will suggest it to the developers as a future option.
  11. Bridget P

    Arranging topics in reverse date order

    Hi, If we were to change the order the posts display it would have to be for the whole forum and we have chosen this way of displaying the posts as it is the most common way forums are displayed and it usually makes sense to be able to read the conversation as it occurred. I understand that for longer threads this can be less intuitive but unfortunately it cannot be changed on some without changing it on all.
  12. HI EnnyL1, taking a screenshot is the best option. I will suggest it to our developers as a desirable option.
  13. Hi, we are aware of the issue with the zip files not working on ipads and we will be implementing a solution hopefully in two months. In the meantime you either need to download the files on a pc - which once unzipped you can view on a ipad - or you can download an app from the app store that unzips files for you. Hope that helps!
  14. Bridget P


    This is fixed now. Thanks for your patience
  15. Bridget P


    I am so sorry we have not fixed this yet - it is on our to do list and we will get to it asap.