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  1. mrsaardvark

    I made a card!!!

    Hi Jules, I'm not on here often, but pleased to see you are still producing great cards, you haven't lost your touch Loving your hair too. xx
  2. mrsaardvark

    Gift of a Cricut

    Bobsie, the jukebox is a device that can hold 6 cartridges and plug into the cricut, means you can choose from any cartridge without unplugging them individually.
  3. mrsaardvark

    Gift of a Cricut

    Forgot to mention she also gave me a cricut jukebox and a wizard die cutting machine. I already have the big shot so the wizard will stay in storage for now!!!
  4. mrsaardvark

    Gift of a Cricut

    I am so lucky, I have been given a cricut machine and lots of accessories. The person who gave it to me would not take anything for it!!! I went to the florist this morning and sent her a seasonal basket of plants, not nearly enough, but I had to send her something for her kindness. I can't wait till the festive season is over now so I can play!!!
  5. mrsaardvark

    My latest project

    So cute, well done, brilliant first try. Keep up the good work. xx
  6. mrsaardvark

    Sewing and quilting

    What a great bag, very nice work Artym. Well done. xx
  7. mrsaardvark

    Eh what's going on.

    Wish you well Artym, hope you can find some relief from your pain. I know how you feel, been a terrible winter for my arthritis and the damp weather isn't helping. I came off of my pain killers, (they were affecting my stomach) about six months ago and not had any since. I's frustrating when we want to get crafting and can't. All the best.
  8. mrsaardvark

    Eh what's going on.

    Not been on site for ages, what a shock, not sure if I like this set up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. mrsaardvark

    cards with acetate

    Very effective, the butterflies do look like they are flying. Pretty cards. x
  10. mrsaardvark

    Some recent cards

    Super cards, the owl is my favourite too. :-)
  11. mrsaardvark

    paper piecing card

    Love what you've done with this stamp, gorgeous card. x
  12. mrsaardvark

    Do other's have this problem?

    Thanks for the replies, was beginning to think it was my laptop, phew relief
  13. mrsaardvark

    Some new makes

    Thanks Aisles, Mothers Day card went off to Menorca for my MIL. :-)
  14. mrsaardvark

    Do other's have this problem?

    I have great difficulty getting this site. I have been trying all week and just managed today to get CB forum. I don't have any problems with other sites, so cant figure out, why this site is so tricky. Anyone else have problems?
  15. mrsaardvark

    Card help please!

    For the baby card, how about a cartoon baby image, in primary colour back ground. The image I have added is of a card I made for my Bro from his friend. You could adapt it for any band. I got the lyrics and image from the net. Hope this is of some help. Have fun. xx