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  1. Magdaleine

    My two birthday cakes

    Both cakes are gorgeous. Happy birthday!
  2. Magdaleine

    Candy trees

    Lovely marshmallows trees! Congratulation on your engagement...
  3. Magdaleine

    Been a while.....but finally some new cards.

    the hedgehog ones are very cute
  4. Magdaleine

    The Food Game

  5. Magdaleine

    Two words game

    Foot massage
  6. Magdaleine

    Two words game

    Foot massage
  7. Magdaleine

    Ooh we've moved!

    Hi All.. Just knew that we're moving Glad to have a new forum and I also have a new avatar but I miss the cupcakes from the old forum haaaa
  8. Magdaleine

    looking to chat!

    Hi Marcyjane, welcome to the forum I am sure you will find lots of friends here
  9. Magdaleine

    Hi everyone newbie here :)

    Hi Moo.. nice to meet you and welcome to the forum.. I also like making jewelry
  10. Magdaleine


    Hi Alice. welcome to the forum
  11. Magdaleine

    energy granola bars

    You make me hungry now
  12. Magdaleine

    beaded snowflake earrings

    Wow.. very beautiful!
  13. Magdaleine

    My satin cord bracelet

    Hi Amanda, Elenabrown and xcr.. thanks a lot
  14. Magdaleine

    Pyography Album covers.

    Wonderful.. You are so talented!
  15. Magdaleine

    Count to 1,000,000