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  1. I've been lurking in the background for months, as I just couldn't log in. I could log in at the Crafts Beautiful homepage but constantly got kicked out when I tried to get to the forum and couldn't log in there or got kicked out as soon as I tried to post. I can't believe that the site has finally let me on again. I should perhaps knock on wood now ...
  2. Scottish lassie

    New member

    Hi and welcome to the forum.
  3. Scottish lassie

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  4. Scottish lassie

    Recipes for quick and easy waffles?

    I'm pretty useless when it comes to baking but love my cupcake maker from Lakeland (it must be good, if even I get decent results ). I've now treated myself to their waffle stick maker. Most recipes require quite a variety of ingredients and are for larger amounts. Does anybody perhaps have a nice and simple recipe that could also be made in smaller amounts for the naughty treat in between?
  5. Scottish lassie

    Mmmm rhubarb... Ideas please!

    I love rhubarb, but it's not easy to get it here in the shops and so I haven't made anything for years. Now I've discovered two plants in our still wild garden that so desperately needs a clear-out once the house is sorted. They must have been there for many years without anybody ever using the stuff (or at least not in a very long time). Once all boxes are unpacked and things have quietened down hubby and I need to see how we can gain access to the plants, so that we can see what the rhubarb is like or if it would be better to opt for new plants. So I need to start looking at recipes again.
  6. Scottish lassie

    Ohh, some people....

    That is terrible Robyn. And I wouldn't even class it as silly prank, as it can be so costly to get it sorted and even to be able to get into your home when you are out.
  7. Scottish lassie

    Where is everybody?

    Our schools were only off on 20 and 21 May. And if families are here from down south, let's hope that some of them are going to the craft show on Saturday. It's so nice that a new craft show is coming into our neck of woods. It's cheaper than going to the big ones in Glasgow, which leaves me with more spending money .
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  9. Scottish lassie

    laser front card,small male tentfold cards with envelopes

    These cards are lovely Rosie.
  10. Scottish lassie

    Where is everybody?

    It's been so quiet on here lately. Are many members on holiday or just busy?
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    Hello all.

    Hi Annie, welcome to the forum.
  12. Scottish lassie

    Polymer Clay

    Sorry, I've never used it.
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    I get this only occasionally in a section. I click then on recently updated - I just hope that this really works and I don't miss any posts.
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  15. Due to doing up the house and our move I have already missed the SECC and the Sincerely Yours show, but a new show (Ross Papercraft Show) is coming to Edinburgh next Saturday. And there is no way that I'm missing that as well. I need a bit of a crafty fix. Is anybody else going? It would be great to meet some of you. Venue is the Meadowbank Stadium.