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  1. I just bought issue #13 from my local ASDA this evening and though the magazine is issue #13, I recognise the pack as being from the last issue (#12) Has anybody else noticed this?
  2. I got given an X-cut Impress machine for Christmas and heard that dies for other makes of machines can be used in it, is that correct?
  3. Aurora_cs

    Let's Make Cards Issue 12 Challenge :)

    Tch, and there was me saying I wouldn't buy the next issue because I have so many magazines. You've twisted my arm
  4. Aurora_cs

    Hello everybody

    I never know what to say in introduction messages, but here goes nothing. I'm 23 years old (soon to be 24) and have been card-making since Christmas of 2006, but only just getting into the hang of it. I've always been creative and enjoy drawing and writing as well as card-making and hope to get some inspiration and make some crafty friends here. - Aura
  5. Aurora_cs

    Hello everybody

    Thanks I'm quite excited because I made a card for my brother to give to a friend for their birthday and now he told me she'd like to order five more cards from me and will pay me a pound for each I heard there were some restrictions on selling your own cards if made with certain products, do you know any more about that?