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  1. Dazzle 10

    Hello Peeps

    Awwww thank you very much Rosie darlin. Hope you are keeping well?
  2. Dazzle 10

    My first Engagement Card Order

    Really pretty engagement card x
  3. Dazzle 10

    Birthday card for my niece

    Awwww that is really very sweet Louise Hun. Brilliant card you made her.
  4. Dazzle 10

    1st quilled Christmas card card topper

    Beautiful christmas card. You have done a great job
  5. Dazzle 10

    Hello Peeps

    awwwww you ladies are even sweeter. bless you!!!! appreciate your kindness and words of encouragement too. hope your all keeping well? x
  6. Dazzle 10

    Happy Birthday Sam/Lacey xxx

    wishing you a very Happy Birthday Sam x hope you had a magical day and ate cake
  7. Dazzle 10

    Hello Peeps

    awwwww Thankyou all very much. i really very much appreciate. i miss you all already my paintings can be seen on Facebook if your on it but til i can sort uploading on here i can't show. its proving difficult to really get back into it though as struggling a bit x
  8. Dazzle 10

    Hello Peeps

    Hello lovely peeps Must apologise for my absence for the past while. Thought I had better show face and see how you are all doing? And just let you know one or two things. Reason I have not been around for some time is because our business has really taken off in the past year and, due to this it has eaten up my time and I have found I have not been able to get on the forum at all or very much. I have wanted to get back on so much and give more than I can but it is just not possible for me. Business and family take up all my time now and when I get quiet time I spend it with my husband and kids as time is so very precious. It is good we are busy with work but wears me out easily. My health has not been very good either but do not want to go into that in detail, too personal to share on here. So......it is now with regret that I have stepped down from being a moderator and hope that HQ can find someone very soon who can give the time the forum needs and help out. I am sorry for doing this but I have been doing this since 2008 February and have loved every minute of it and made special friendships on here - some of whom are like sisters to me and I look up to very much. I am sad to do this and it was a very difficult decision to make as its taken me a months to make this decision. I will pop in as and when I can and I want you all to know that I will miss you all and that you are all such angels and amazing people as well as crafters. This forum has such a lovely family and to see the amount of new members is beautiful. I wish you all the best and will pray for you all and the forum itself. (((((Hugs))))) to you all and God Bless each and every one of you because you are all very precious and special. Hope to manage to somehow upload photos at some point and share my paintings I am now doing and eventually new cards. Crafting has been a no go since dec.2012 Take care Natalie xxxx
  9. Dazzle 10

    Little Monday Lift!

    Lovely positive messages here. These have certainly put a smile on my face but I'm really sorry to hear about the bombscare Claire. How frightening. What made me smile on Monday.......??????? Mmmmm nothing as had two poorly people but my weekend wasa very smiley one as we were away to Center Parcs and had a ball x
  10. Dazzle 10

    Wow! I'm so impressed!!

    Really handy tip thanks Louise Hun, something I am prone to doing in my kitchen lol
  11. Dazzle 10

    tomatoes outside in scotland!

    Wow.....yummy they look too Rosie. We have tomatoes in our garden as well and are turning red but many are still green. They are really juicy and very tasty too x
  12. both lovely. both combined would be just lovely x
  13. Dazzle 10

    Hello everyone I'm back :)

    Fabulous photos Louise hun. Delighted you had such a blessed holiday x
  14. Dazzle 10

    Hello Homecraft!

    Hello Rosie. Really lovely to meet you and hope you are enjoying working on the magazines. I love CB and I am hoping to purchase the Homemade magazine in the near future as looks really ever so good. It is Aceville publication is it not? if not, im sorry to mention Natalie x
  15. Dazzle 10

    My new craft room :)

    Looks ever so lovely and fresh Louise hun. Love the pink and the oatmeal carpet works with your pink walls. hope it doesn't take too long to sort out your crAFT SUPPLIES SO THAT YOU CAN GET CRACKIN' IN YOUR CRAFT ROOM CREATING HAPPILY X