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    Crafting (of course!), motorcycling, kayaking, snowboarding, and heavy rock!!!!
  1. Purple Cobwebs

    Anyone else having trouble with the new forum?

    That's exactly what I get too. I can only see the threads on the right in "most recent". All other forum pages are empty! Oh how I dream of the old CB forum.......
  2. Purple Cobwebs

    New forum Thursday

    Oooh, it's all looking odd to me! Can't see any threads! I can only access from the little list of most recent posts on the right. Most peculiar!!!!
  3. Purple Cobwebs

    Halloween Lantern

    Thank you LOL Louise, you do make me giggle!!!
  4. Purple Cobwebs

    Halloween Lantern

    I've been playing with my Silhouette machine :-)
  5. Purple Cobwebs

    It's been a while!!!!!

    Thank you :-)
  6. Purple Cobwebs

    A Bit Batty!!!!

    Thank you. 2 of the bats have already flown off to new homes. They should be well settled in their new homes in time for Halloween!!!
  7. Purple Cobwebs

    Very upset with myself

    So pleased that you found it. Sometimes I'm convinced that we have a poltergeist who moves things and puts them back a day later! Now when I can't find something I'll often say out loud, "Geisty, please can you put it back"!!!!!
  8. Purple Cobwebs

    A Bit Batty!!!!

    I like to have a bit of fun at the end of each torch session, and make something other than round beads. Yesterday, these flew out of my kiln ;-) And here are some of the round beads...
  9. Purple Cobwebs

    It's been a while!!!!!

    It certainly does Opalshards!!!! And if I'd know then how much I'd spend, I'd probably not have gone there!!!! But I do love it, albeit a rather expensive hobby!!!! Here's some of my latest lampies.... Just deciding whether to list on my website or auction them....
  10. Purple Cobwebs

    It's been a while!!!!!

    Thanks MT x
  11. Purple Cobwebs

    It's been a while!!!!!

    Thank you! It's interesting trying to take the photos in the dark!!!
  12. Purple Cobwebs

    It's been a while!!!!!

    Thanks Wendy! I've spent this weekend playing with glow in the dark glass...
  13. Purple Cobwebs

    It's been a while!!!!!

    Awwww, thank you all so much for the lovely welcome back :-)
  14. Purple Cobwebs

    Still Sticking - mostly PINK.

    Looking great MT. You have been busy!!!!
  15. Purple Cobwebs

    It's been a while!!!!!

    I forgot my password and so haven't been on here for a while, but I'm back! Here's a little of what I've been up to.... I made the necklace with my own glass beads to wear to a wedding.