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  1. Hello friends lately I wrote an article on eco friendly wall hanging ideas for wall decor and got it published on a guest blog which I want to share with you. In this post I have described different types of wall hangings and wall decor articles which are made from jute which is 100% eco friendly. I have also shown pictures of different types of jute wall hangings and wall decor articles. I hope you will like this blog post about eco friendly ideas on wall hangings and wall decor. Please Also Share Your Views!
  2. samjohn

    Jute Handicrafts for Home

    Yes! Making anything which uses little or more jute can be referred as jute product. Thanks
  3. Lately I wrote a new blog post in my general blog(Home and Life) where I have described about different types of handicrafts, craft articles made from eco friendly jute fiber. There are lots of jute made handicraft articles which can be used in home or workplace for decoration purpose. The plus point with these craft goods is that they are fancy, eco friendly and are available in different colors. As I can't paste that very blog post here due to duplicate content problems, so if you want to read that post then you can do it here.
  4. samjohn

    Blog Update!

    Yes recently I update my blog and posted two good articles, and I am sure you would like those. But those articles are on jute crafts related as well as benefits of eco friendly aspects of jute. So one can say that my blog posts one and two are on two topics one is craft and other is green living. But i am sure you would like them.
  5. samjohn

    Share your crafty tips here!

    Take recyled fabric like cloth, jute, bamboo cloth, or any other used stuff, it can also be plastic. Then we can do some crafting over that piece like embroidery, and other designing work so that it look beautiful and can can be used as a wall hangin. This way it will be eco friendly and hand crafted item as well. you can also add pockets in such wall hangings but then give it vertical shape.
  6. samjohn

    Selling via the net

    We also manufacturer jute crafts articles and have made a website for selling all kinds of such products. Better you also make a website to display all your products and then start selling them.
  7. Many Many Congrats for the First Page and Trophy. And in fact your all the hat designs are super and amazing. Keep it this creative skill.
  8. samjohn

    Ideas for Jute Wall Hanging Crafts?

    OK Thanks... I will try to find over the internet or I will create some my own ideas. Anyway Thanks
  9. Hello everyone, As in my previous told you that I am associated with jute crafts making business. We keep on exploring some beautiful ideas on crafts and then we try to merge with jute, as a result we get eco friendly crafts. Can you please help me regarding some ideas on wall hangings, my ideas include: Some well known quotes on an attractive jute cloth. Some attractive picture or painting on jute cloth. A long pocket bag made of jute cloth. Some small small decorative articles hanging together. It would be kind if you share some ideas, so that we can convert those into real articles. It will be better if you also share their pictures. Thanks
  10. samjohn

    Scrap Revolution Sale

    Allthough the idea is really good but the website is not looking cool. It is looking more like a business directory site but not a shopping site. Anyway good resource for those who are looking for sale offers.
  11. samjohn

    Craft Focus

    Really this is very nice magazines covering news an dupdates on different types of crafts. I will get some nice ideas from here. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Ok Great! And what would be the prize for those who makes the best contribution.
  13. samjohn

    Ideas for Eco Friendly Goods Business?

    That looks cool idea. Will try it. thanks
  14. samjohn

    Ideas for Eco Friendly Goods Business?

    Yes I asked in the previous posts but I didn't get any valuable answer there. Although me too is manufacturer of jute crafts but I want to expand my wings and that is why I am looking for some more good ideas which i can include in my business. Actually I want to open an online store(and offline store as well) where I can all types of art & crafts which are also eco friendly, apart from the jute ones. Thanks for reply anyway!
  15. samjohn

    Blog Update!

    I have updated my blog recently with new post but I can not share the blog post here until I have 10 posts count in the forum.