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  1. Hi Pip,


    You're right, this is slightly different to a normal "knit one below".

    This might help:

    1) Insert RH needle into stitch two rows below

    2) knit into this stitch, but keep the original stitch on the LH needle - this is where it differs from a regular "knit 1 below"

    3) knit the stitch on the LH needle

    4) on your RH needle, pass the stitch knitted from below over the top of the stitch just knitted and off the needle


    This will keep your stitch count correct.


    Then work the rest of the pattern repeat as given: k1, wyib sl 1 pwise, drop yfwds from previous round (you can tell which loops these are as they are not connected to the row below)


    Does this make sense?





    LK deputy editor

  2. Hi ladies,

    Really sorry your subscription copies are late. We're currently investigating to see if there's been a problem with the distribution as we've heard from a few subscribers who haven't received their one yet.


    If you don't have anything by Monday, can you let me know.





  3. Hi Katkinnie,


    Now, you need to cut your yarn - leave a bit of a tail so it won't unravel.

    Slip the six stitches you've just worked on to your LH needle.


    You need to rejoin the yarn in the first stitch of your first heel row.

    Then continue picking up stitches up the side of the heel flap section.


    I made up a diagram for another reader, which I've attached here. 


    Do you want to take a look and see if it makes things a bit clearer for you?







  4. Hi everyone,

    I've investigated the pattern and can't see any problems with the Main section.

    The stitch pattern is over 17 stitches and repeated five times across the row, plus your two stitches at the beginning of the row, that's 87 stitches.


    2 + (17 x 5) = 87


    Kyleandethansmummy (I'm hoping you're the same lady who emailed support?), I think you might be having trouble with the ssk decrease, which would explain why it's not working out.


    You need to be slipping two stitches kwise, then returning these to the LH needle, and knitting them together through the back loop.


    Let me know if that sorts it!



  5. Hi ladies,


    Unfortunately we managed to mix up a couple of the labels on the charts during the page design process. What's labelled as the Main Insertion Chart should actually be the Transition Chart, and what's labelled as the Transition Chart is actually the Main Insertion Chart. If you swap these two labels over, it should all work out for you.


    I've updated the Pattern Updates documents in the Knitty SOS and Let's Knit sections.


    Sorry for the mix up!


    A x

  6. Hi there,


    There is an error in this pattern. Where it says yarn B in the pattern, it should read yarn A. Most of the design is worked in the Cool Cut Color (yarn A), and the solid colour, Cool Cut (yarn B) is introduced when you start the lace pattern.


    In the Lace pattern, Rows 1 and 2 should be worked using yarn A and Rows 3 and 4 should be worked using yarn B.


    The yarn amounts are correct, but in the pattern we muddled up the two yarns. I do apologise. We will be printing the correction in our next issue.



  7. Hi everyone,


    If you haven't already done so, you're running out of time to nominate your favourite stores, websites, yarns and more for the British Knitting Awards. Click here to nominate and for your chance to win a knitting stash worth £150!


    The closing date is on Friday 31st May so don't miss out on your chance to have your say!



  8. Hi ladies,

    I've just weighed the sample bag that we photographed and it weighs 280g - that includes all the fabric and the interfacing. 


    I can't take the sample apart to just weigh the knitted section, I'm afraid but as the whole bag weighs less the yarn you've used, I can't work out what's happened here. Pure cotton is much heavier than a wool-cotton blend but given your meterage you should still have been covered.


    Is your tension correct? Are your dimensions looking similar to those given? Have you made any extra panels (you should have one front, one back, one base, two sides and two straps)?


    Sorry to quiz you, just trying to work out what might have happened!




    A :)

  9. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for keeping us up-to-date with this. We are looking into the possibilities of selling our patterns individually, it would definitely help matters, but that decision is made by folks higher up. Hopefully we can get something sorted soon.


    Thanks so much for that link about the ugg boots pattern, Betty. That seller is saying the patterns are out of copyright, which is a blatant lie and they're certainly not in the position to know anything about our copyright in place on Let's Knit. Also, that pattern is available for free on our website. We started proceedings against a group of sellers this week so will certainly add this one to the list. 


    Please continue to let us know of any other similar cases and we will add them to our files.


    Thanks again



  10. Hiya,


    Sorry about this, the pattern was checked but it looks like more than a few gremlins have crept in. Our checker must've been having a bad day.

    I've counted the rows on the pattern and have worked out the correction:


    From Rnd 8 the pattern should actually be:


    Rnds 8-20: rep last rnd 13 times. Ten sts

    Rnds 21-23: 1dc in each st to end

    Fasten off


    You should be decreasing on every row, as opposed to every other row as instructed.


    Really sorry about this everyone.