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    Hi everyone, Due to technical issues we have had to restore the forum to its last back-up date and unfortunately all posts and private messages from today have been lost. Please accept our sincere apologies for this. If anyone has posted an entry for a challenge today please check as you may need to re-post. Best wishes Adrienne
  2. Adrienne Chandler

    knitting in progress at the moment

    My current WiPs are: The LK Cricket Sweater - done the back and about a 1/4 of the front. It's looking brill The LK Christa beaded shrug from issue 19 - I started it when the issue came out :red: I've just got the sleeves and sewing up to go but haven't touched it in 2 years... A pair of socks in a gorgeous pinky/blue/purle yarn. I've got to the heel on the first one and will do the rest one day A summery vest top in a herringbone kind of pattern that is currently a grand total of 2 inches long, that was last year's "I'll wear it this summer" project - hah! My Knitting Olympics entry - it was a take on the LK tabard top from issue 29 but after the olympics I ripped out the buttonbands to redo them properly but, err.. haven't. That makes six too! I've also wound the yarn for the LK Mystery Shawl but that doesn't count as a WiP because I've not cast on yet! It is my new year's resolution to do all these things though so ask me again this time next year... x
  3. Adrienne Chandler

    Help with Beth blanket

    Hi Ria, I'm Adrienne, the Deputy Editor at LK. As you can see, we did have an issue with printing on these charts - all the squares should be the same size, so you may want to draw them in on your copy. What is it about the chart that's not working out for you? The dotty squares should be purled on RS rows and knitted on WS rows. Let me know where you're having difficulties and I'll try to help. Adrienne
  4. Adrienne Chandler

    Apology to Su2ie

    Hi everyone, On the latest LK e-newsletter you will have seen a gorgeous pair of crochet baby booties. These were credited to PrettyPale by mistake when they were actually made by Su2ie. We're very sorry for this and just wanted let you all know whose clever crochet skills were on show. Thanks Adrienne
  5. Adrienne Chandler

    New knitting challenge - hurrah

    Hi everyone, Hope you all had a fantabulous Christmas and New Year. We've got a great new challenge for you to help welcome in 2011. Check it out here A
  6. Adrienne Chandler

    The LK Try Something New Challenge - closes 10th Feb

    oooops!! I'm a month out! Yes, it should be the 10th February!
  7. Adrienne Chandler

    Kuzco Hat - Help Needed

    Hi Steve, I'm Adrienne, the Deputy Editor at LK. The positioning of the motif was the designer's choice and might have something to do with the visual effect created by the boy's legs being wider than the girl's, and how they look from the front. The designer Swiss darned her figures on the actual project so has positioned them where she thought best. In all honesty I don't see why they couldn't have been centred but she may have felt it looked better that way. I see on Ravelry that you are doing a different motif, and as you're doing intarsia rather than Swiss darning, I think it would be safest to centre your design. Hope this helps Adrienne
  8. Adrienne Chandler

    Hottie cover

    That looks great k&f. I've just finished one myself in very similar colours to you (great minds think alike!) using Wendy Viva. What yarn did you use?
  9. We had lots of entries that brought a smile to our face, including Jennie's gorgeous hat in Sirdar Indie, Knitting Queen's late tea cosy entry and anniebabes' CindeROLLa, but there could only be one winner. So, after much deliberation we have awarded first prize to Goose for her fabulous Christmas Pudding hat! Very many congratulations. It was really creative and we love how it can even double up as a biscuit barrel cover!!! PM me with your address Goose and we'll get some lovely goodies sent out to you!
  10. Hi Knitters (and Crocheters) We asked you if you'd be up for another challenge and so, by popular demand, here it is... With winter well on it's way and the nights are drawing in, it's easy to get a wee bit gloomy at this time of year. So, your task is to make something that will keep you smiling through the coldest season. This could be something that's... Warm and cosy In festive or winter wonderland colours Inspired by panto (oh, yes it is!) It's really up to you what you'd like to do, it can be in any yarn, large or small, knitted or crocheted. Only one entry per person please, although several smaller items that are part of the same set are fine too. The challenge closes at 5.30pm UK Time on 17th November and the winner will receive lots of yarny goodies. Lots of luck everyone! Adrienne x
  11. Adrienne Chandler

    christmas knitting!!!

    Unfortunately not. It would make things a lot easier if we could though! I'd have my pressies sorted in no time... We're currently finishing off our next fabulous issue so my Christmas gifts are having to wait. It'll be worth it though, wait 'til you see it xx
  12. Adrienne Chandler

    christmas knitting!!!

    Why do they do that!!!!!????? It would make things a lot easier if there was a ban on mentioning objects from the middle of October until Christmas. It's not something I'm making but my BF decided to announce he was going to buy himself a coffee grinder, just after I'd been organised and added it to my What I'm Definitely Getting Him List...grrr. You can't say "no, don't buy one of those" without giving it away. That was going to be one of his main presents too, so now I have to rack my brains for something else.... I've now just got the toe to do on my first sock in my first pair of aran socks, and I'm almost 1/4 of the way through the hottie cover. It's gradually coming together... x
  13. Adrienne Chandler

    christmas knitting!!!

    I have half a sock, half a handpuppet and the first eight rows of a hottie cover...I really need to finish something.... x
  14. Adrienne Chandler

    NEW Let's Knit Challenge - Beat the winter blues - Closes 17th November

    Love the hat Jennie - I'm sure you don't look silly at all. I love brightly coloured hats - I wear my orange one everywhere I go. The colours in your scarf are gorgeous Twinkle! All those ruffles look really snug. x
  15. Adrienne Chandler

    christmas knitting!!!

    Thanks k&f! Good luck with yours too. I'm halfway through the first of my aran socks but am in the midst of balancing our WI accounts so all my evenings have been dedicated to that. Will have to set aside a bit of time everyday or before I know it I'll just have one week left and still four or five projects to make! x
  16. Adrienne Chandler

    pocketful of posies cardigan

    Hi Rosimc18, Welcome to the forum. I'm Adrienne, the Deputy Editor at LK. I'm glad you like the cardy, it is cute, isn't it? On the Shape Shoulders and back section - I take it you're making the middle size? - you cast off five stitches and knit until you have twelve sts on the right hand needle, which you've done. You can put the remaining stitches on a holder if you like but as you're only working over 12 sts it's not essential. If it helps, you could just place a stitch marker on the left needle to help you remember which are the stitches you're working on, but it's really up to you. Good luck on your first garment, and don't forget to post a piccy in the Finished Objects thread in the Knit Natter section. Let me or one of the other knitters know if you need anymore help, we're always ready with advice! Adrienne
  17. Adrienne Chandler

    Magenta Bag Pattern Lets Knit December 08

    Hi Sharpie, Any of the smaller pompom type yarns would be suitable for this - try Crystal Palace Popcorn or Rico Pompon Mini but that's only in baby shades at the moment. Hope this helps Adrienne
  18. Adrienne Chandler

    christmas knitting!!!

    Well, I've finally started my Christmas knits. I've kept it manageable (I hope) then can always add some little stocking fillers if I have time... They're all LK makes of course! So far I'm doing ... 1 x hottie cover 1 x Jingle handpuppet 2 x aran socks 1 x houndstooth bag 1 x flip-top mitts (look out for these in a future issue of LK!) Theoretically it should be doable in just 51 and a half days :gulp: Will post piccies soon x
  19. Adrienne Chandler

    November Issue - Marsha Pattern

    Hi Happykappy, I'm Adrienne, the Deputy Editor at LK. Welcome to the forum. I think I can see where you're getting muddled. On Row 5, you do the first ssk, but the k2tog in the * section is worked in a slightly different way and I think that's why you're not ending up with the correct number of stitches. You need to do your first k2tog but DON'T slip the two sts off yet. Keep them on the LH needle as it says in the pattern. Now move the yarn to the front between the needles and purl these same two stitches together. By working into the k2tog twice, you will not be decreasing any stitches. This technique is then repeated until the last st, then k1 If you do this instruction correctly you should have only decreased one st at the end of the row and that's from the ssk at the beginning. I hope this make sense, Let me know if you're still having trouble Adrienne
  20. Adrienne Chandler

    Would you like a new challenge?

    Hi everyone, We were contemplating setting another challenge for you guys but realise you're probably now starting to think about Christmas knitting and we don't want to snow you under completely. So, we thought the best way to do it would be to have a vote... Let us know by the 27th (next wednesday) what you'd like to do and we'll go with the majority. Thanks Adrienne and Elaine x
  21. Adrienne Chandler

    Would you like a new challenge?

    Well...looks like you're keen for a new challenge. Head over to the Challenge section where there'll be a new theme posted shortly Thanks everyone for your votes
  22. Adrienne Chandler

    LK Economise Challenge!

    Wow! What a marvellous selection of entries we've had this time around - well done to you all. It really was such a tough decision, so tough that we couldn't decide on just one winner. So, the two winners of the LK Economise Challenge are.... Anniebabes for her stunning hot water bottle cover - knitted for the grand price of £1.70 and also Muguet51 for her impressive beret, fingerless gloves and scarf set, all from one 100g ball Well done both of you! If you PM me with your addresses I'll get your prize sent out you. As I said we had so many brilliant makes for this challenge, but we wanted to give a special mention to both of our crochet entries from Goose and Twinkle27. These were really close runners for the top prize and looked fab! Check out the rest of the entries here
  23. Hi everyone, We've got yet another challenge for your knitting pleasure. We know that not all of you have the time to make really detailed entries like Suzy B's Beach Hut and Giddy's 4 Season Tea Cosy, but fear not, this challenge will be right up your street. We challenge you to... make something (anything) using one ball or skein of DK yarn Ideally this should come from your stash. Think quick knits, think stocking fillers, one ball isn't a lot so consider adding texture for interest and don't forget about embellishments. Try to be as inventive as possible! The challenge closes on Thursday 14th October at 5.30pm UK time. One entry per person please. This can include items that belong together in a set, as well as crocheted items, but you can't use projects you've already made. When you've finished your entry just post a piccy on this thread - we'll be judging from the pics so try to show it off as well as possible. The winner will receive some gorgeous yarn and goodies. Lots of luck to you all! Adrienne x x
  24. Adrienne Chandler

    Dreamys First pictures of Zeta

    Congratulations Dreamy. She's so cute. So, when are you going to teach her to knit