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    feb 07 issue

    Hi Holly, I've sent you a private message Adrienne
  2. Adrienne Chandler

    Harry Potter bits

    Loving the snitch, Dark! 150 points to you! :-)
  3. Adrienne Chandler

    DK pattern knitting up too large!?

    Hi Freddiesmum, I'm Adrienne, Deputy Editor at Let's Knit. I have to say, it's not something I've come across before and it seems very odd that you would have to go down that drastically and it still come out too big. What's the tension given on the pattern?
  4. Adrienne Chandler

    st st

    Yep, that's right. Unless it says otherwise, it usually means start with a k row. You should have the front of your work facing you. If you're looking at the reverse side of your work then you will need to start with a p row. Adrienne
  5. Adrienne Chandler

    Real Life or Serious stuff - post here please xx

    Hi Marie, I can see you've been having a really tough time of it lately. I'm going to merge this thread with the Real Life and Serious thread to make sure you get as much support as possible. Stay strong A
  6. Adrienne Chandler

    Why knitters love small projects

    Hi everyone, For our next issue I'm going to be putting together a feature all about small projects and quick knits. I was wondering if any of you had favourite small projects and why you like making them? I like making baby bootees as they're so quick to make, look adorable and give me a sense of satisfaction that I've actually finished something - they make me feel better for having so many UFOs! How about everyone else? A x
  7. Adrienne Chandler

    Can you tell what it is yet?

    Hi everyone, On page 45 of our June issue (which hits the shelves on Friday) you'll find part one of our exciting mystery project. Here at HQ, we already know what the project will become, but what do you think it is? We're really interested to know what you think it could be! The first person who guesses correctly by Sunday 5th June, 12 midnight UK TIme, will win a box of yarny goodness! Adrienne
  8. Adrienne Chandler

    Why knitters love small projects

    Does that make it a nonopus? I'm currently churning out little egg cosies at a frantic rate. My WI has got a stall at a local fair and I've suddenly realised there's just 11 knitting days to go. Small projects are definitely good for panic-knitting.... xx
  9. Adrienne Chandler

    help the newbie

    Hi, I've sent you a private message Adrienne
  10. Adrienne Chandler

    Have you ever read knitting fiction?

    Hi knitters, I've been perusing Amazon to hunt for some great knitting books and keep coming across knitting fiction, particularly knitting murder mysteries. I've read a couple of these myself and find that the knitting element always seems a bit shoe-horned in. I was wondering, has anyone else ever read any? Can anyone come up with a good plot for a knitting fiction story? If I were to write one it would probably either be about some sort of rampage caused by frustration from dropping too many stitches, or an adventure with something to do with dowsing for water using knitting needles.... Adrienne
  11. Adrienne Chandler

    Can you tell what it is yet?

    A prize is a good idea. Unfortunately we can't give the yarn to make the project but we can certainly send a box of goodies to the winner. I've edited the initial post to include this.
  12. Adrienne Chandler

    Knitting Machines

    Hi Shelly, Welcome to the forum! I'm Adrienne, the Deputy Editor at LK and I'm actually working on a Machine Knitting feature which will appear in our June issue (on sale 13th May). Hopefully it should be able to answer some of the questions you might have.
  13. Adrienne Chandler

    lk36 frank & hearty wash cloth

    Frank looks awesome! Nice job
  14. We've had a really great response to this challenge and you've all been eager to try a new technique and it was one of the hardest choices we've had to make for a challenge. You all really pulled the stops out. There's no better way to learn than just to have a bash at it. We separated this into two categories and we're very pleased to annouce that the winner in the Beginner category is... Twinkle27 Congratulations to her on her first child's garment - great job! The winner of the More Experienced Knitter category is... Muguet51 Well done - we were uber impressed with your two-handed colourwork and for mastering continental knitting. If you both PM me with your addresses we'll get some yummy yarny goodies sent your way. See the winning entries here! A x
  15. Adrienne Chandler


    Hi everyone, We're very pleased to announce that Buffyflump, a.k.a Helen, is our new Knitty Mod. Along with Buzyknitting, she'll be on hand to help you out with any questions and will be keeping a watchful eye on all things knitty and forum-y. Thanks Adrienne x
  16. Adrienne Chandler

    Adapting garments to suit your shape

    Having the confidence to adapt a pattern is definitely something that's come with experience. I remember on my first jumper, I was so terrified att he thought of knitting something for myself that I stuck religiously to the pattern (except on the sleeves - I kept on knitting and knitting until I thought they'd fit and now they're too long!) It was a yoke jumper with detail on the yoke. I've got wide shoulders but a small bust and while it fits perfectly in the shoulders, it is rather baggy around the shoulder blades because of the amount of shaping in the back - I just don't fill it out enough. If I knew then what I know now I could have worked the increases differently in order to keep the shoulders the same but tighten it up in places and made it fit like a glove (but a jumper, not actually a glove!) I'm currently knitting the VIv cricket jumper from the October issue and you can work extra cables for a more fitted garment, which is a good tip. I often change 1x1 rib to 2x2 rib on things like cuffs for gloves and mittens or socks just for that added bit of security. I've got pathetically skinny ankles and sock suspenders just aren't in fashion anymore
  17. Adrienne Chandler

    free gift with magazine is damaged

    Hi Viv, If you PM me with your address I can send you out a replacement set Thanks Adrienne
  18. Happy New Year Knitters! It's a brand new year so we've got a brand new challenge for you. Your task is to knit or crochet an item that includes something you've never tried before. This is relative to your skill level and could be a new stitch pattern, a new type of project (never tried gloves, give them a go!), or a completely new technique - how about crochet, colourwork, lace or cabling? There's so much out there to try and it's great to push the envelope every now and then. This time around there will be two categories. Beginners, and More practiced knitters The winner of each category will be sent a box of yarny goodness. Just let us know which category you'll be entering for when you post your make. The closing date is February 10th at 5.30pm UK Time (one entry per person please). Entries can include multiple items that are part of a set, although size will not be taken into consideration when judging. Your item can be knitted or crocheted, using any yarn you like. When you've finished, just post a picture on this thread, there's no need to send it in. Our February issue hits the shops on the 14th Jan and has lots of new stitches and patterns for you to try, so take a look there for inspiration! Good luck everyone! Adrienne
  19. Adrienne Chandler

    Free gift broken - again

    Hi Mrs Trellis, I've just sent you a private message regarding this. If anyone else has experienced any issues with our gift, please pm me. Thanks Adrienne
  20. Adrienne Chandler

    The LK Try Something New Challenge - closes 10th Feb

    Wow! What a fantastic selection of projects! They look brilliant. It'll be hard to decide. I see some of you haven't mentioned which category you want to be entered for (Beginner or Experienced), so although the challenge closes at 5.30pm tonight we'll give you until 10am tomorrow to let us know which category, and then we'll be able to make a decision. A
  21. Adrienne Chandler

    Broken Needles

    Hi Janet, I'm very sorry about that. If you PM me with your address, I'll get a replacement pair sent out to you. Adrienne
  22. Adrienne Chandler

    Issue 35 pattern - "finishing touch" - draught excluder

    Hi Jan, I'm Adrienne, the Deputy Editor at LK, welcome to the forum. The black "no stitch" squares mean just that, you don't do anything. These are included to make allowance for the increases, if you look at the chart you will see that there will be a stitch there later on. When you come across a black square on your row, just skip over it and continue with the chart. Does that make sense? Adrienne
  23. Adrienne Chandler


    Hi everyone, You may have noticed that some posts have been lost. Please see the Announcement at the top of this section regarding our technical issues. Sincere apologies, Adrienne
  24. Adrienne Chandler


    Hi everyone, As you may or may not be aware, Giddyknits is stepping down from her role as a moderator on the forum. She's done a fab job and we're sorry to see her go, but she will still be on the boards for everyone to see. This does leave us with a vacancy for someone to join Buzyknitting as a knitty mod. The role of the moderator is to keep an eye on things, answer questions, direct people to the proper place and general maintain peace and harmony in the land of knit. We don't expect you to be online 24/7 but it's best if you're on quite regularly as there's always so much going on. You'll also get access to the Moderators section of the forum where all the other mods are on hand to give suggestions and advice. If anyone's interested, could you please pm me by 9am UK time on Monday 14th Feb? Thanks Adrienne
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    If you have posted an entry on any of our challenges today, please re-check the thread as you may need to re-post. Due to technical issues we have had to re-boot the forum from its last back-up point (yesterday) and all posts and pms have been lost. Please accept our apologies for this Adrienne