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  1. Adrienne Chandler

    HUGO the Hedgehog

    Hi there, I've just sent you a private message about this. Best wishes Adrienne
  2. Adrienne Chandler

    Back Issue or can Anybody Email?

    Hi Ray, I've just emailed you. Best wishes Adrienne Deputy editor, Let's Knit magazine
  3. Adrienne Chandler

    Pattern help please

    Hi Pip, You're right, this is slightly different to a normal "knit one below". This might help: 1) Insert RH needle into stitch two rows below 2) knit into this stitch, but keep the original stitch on the LH needle - this is where it differs from a regular "knit 1 below" 3) knit the stitch on the LH needle 4) on your RH needle, pass the stitch knitted from below over the top of the stitch just knitted and off the needle This will keep your stitch count correct. Then work the rest of the pattern repeat as given: k1, wyib sl 1 pwise, drop yfwds from previous round (you can tell which loops these are as they are not connected to the row below) Does this make sense? Thanks Adrienne LK deputy editor
  4. Adrienne Chandler

    Let's Knit Issue Query!!!

    Hi ladies, Really sorry your subscription copies are late. We're currently investigating to see if there's been a problem with the distribution as we've heard from a few subscribers who haven't received their one yet. If you don't have anything by Monday, can you let me know. Thanks Adrienne
  5. Adrienne Chandler

    Kindle cover pattern problem

    Hi Lynsey, Yes, you do need to cut the yarn leaving a long tail. Sorry this wasn't made clear in the pattern. I've added the clarification to the pattern updates section on our website. Best wishes Adrienne
  6. Adrienne Chandler

    HELP with Archie the rabbit's foot

    Hi Katkinnie, Now, you need to cut your yarn - leave a bit of a tail so it won't unravel. Slip the six stitches you've just worked on to your LH needle. You need to rejoin the yarn in the first stitch of your first heel row. Then continue picking up stitches up the side of the heel flap section. I made up a diagram for another reader, which I've attached here. Do you want to take a look and see if it makes things a bit clearer for you? Thanks Adrienne ARCHIE FEET.pdf
  7. Adrienne Chandler

    Pattern Hunt!

    Hi Fraggle Bunny, This cushion was in issue 30 back in 2010. We don't have any back copies of this one as it was so long ago, but PM me with your address and I'll see what I can do.
  8. Adrienne Chandler

    In need of Knitty Assistance? Get it here!

    Hi there, Yes, that's right! Adrienne
  9. Adrienne Chandler

    Saadi shawl in let's it issue76

    Hi everyone, I've investigated the pattern and can't see any problems with the Main section. The stitch pattern is over 17 stitches and repeated five times across the row, plus your two stitches at the beginning of the row, that's 87 stitches. 2 + (17 x 5) = 87 Kyleandethansmummy (I'm hoping you're the same lady who emailed support?), I think you might be having trouble with the ssk decrease, which would explain why it's not working out. You need to be slipping two stitches kwise, then returning these to the LH needle, and knitting them together through the back loop. Let me know if that sorts it! Adrienne
  10. Adrienne Chandler

    LGC poll: what season do you knit/crochet the most in?

    I do knit and crochet throughout the year but probably do a bit more in the winter because of Christmas...
  11. Adrienne Chandler

    Knitting Elisha from issue 71 (oct 13)

    Hi Bud10, Yes, you do need to cut your yarn. If you leave a long enough tail then it won't unravel and the stitches will be secure on the holder. You'll be picking up these stitches when you do the neck band. Best wishes
  12. Adrienne Chandler

    granny squares help

    Hi ladies, For future reference, we have a video tutorial on joining granny squares here http://www.letsknit.co.uk/knitting-videos/how_to_join_crocheted_granny_squares_together Also, when I'm making granny squares I work the ends in as I go. Lay the yarn tails from the previous round close to the edge of the work, then crochet over the top of these as you go. This cuts down on the sewing up. :-)
  13. Adrienne Chandler

    Arabella shawl - help!

    Hi ladies, Unfortunately we managed to mix up a couple of the labels on the charts during the page design process. What's labelled as the Main Insertion Chart should actually be the Transition Chart, and what's labelled as the Transition Chart is actually the Main Insertion Chart. If you swap these two labels over, it should all work out for you. I've updated the Pattern Updates documents in the Knitty SOS and Let's Knit sections. Sorry for the mix up! A x
  14. Adrienne Chandler


    Hi, sm means slip marker. We normally include this in the special abbreviations but we appear to have missed it off this pattern. I do apologise! Best wishes Adrienne
  15. Adrienne Chandler

    issue 63 Romeo errors

    Hi Aisling, I replied your email this morning and included the pattern corrections for the bear. Best wishes Adrienne