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  1. artym


    well, just popped in after again many months and the heatwave summer...several months older and possibly wiser, but doubt it...I see other names I recognize from the past...so will be interesting to browse around and see what folk are making for Halloween and Christmas....so "Hello" again.............ArtyM
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    I haven't been on here for many many months,but another forum I am involved with and very good I don't appear to be able to access at the moment, so thought I would pop in and say "Hello".....and find out what others are working on at the moment....I make greeting cards and sometimes go mad on quilting and patchwork for a while......painting flowers and rough seas are a passion of mine. and anything else I can think of...did run a crochet group for a while and taught a lady who is in her late 80's the basic stitches...she so wanted to make her first great grandson a pram blanket, so with basic stitches and help from yours truly she achieved her aim...she had a struggle with arthritic fingers, but that did not deter her...she did a good job..others in the group made various items.....toilet roll holders, table mats etc....and one made a hat, so it was worthwhile...I had to stop after heart issues slowed me down rather,but still try new things when energy allows....at 82 not doing too badly, so keep busy most of the time.......I look forward to seeing what others are doing on here......
  3. It is months possibly years since I last posted on here,,,,and wonder how many of you remember me...I recognise some of the names....and wonder what is going on at the moment in the paper craft areasl.....greeting cards etc,....anyway...popped in to see what is going on at the moment.
  4. Well, my little knitting/crotchet group plus now anything else craftwise I want to demonstrate...boasts only 7 members at the moment, but here is something to give you a smile.... Last week at our meeting I realised we now have WiFi installed in our Common Room in the Big Hall where we meet, so having been armed with passwords etc...4 of us put down our knitting/crotchet etc picked up our mobile phones and were busy connecting...remember we are all pensioners...a young man came into the hall checking alarms or some such thing and suddenly burst into laughter...knitting on table, 4 of us engrossed in mobile 'phones..he said "Now I have seen everything, ladies all over 70 keeping up with the times.I told him to come back in the New Year, we may then be hooked up to the TV with my computer and be watching U tube on TV with the latest craft know hows....never mind the arthritis, and the stiff joints...we ladies are trying to keep up with the times.Mind you the TV may well be out of date, but heck, we are trying......as for crotchet..oh yes, of course we keep the crafts going too.
  5. artym

    private message

    I found a way as the person I want to pm is on the moderating team, so looked on the list of moderators....am sure there was another way, but really cannot find it at moment.
  6. artym

    private message

    haven't been on here for ages and want to send a pm to another member who I was in contact with some time ago...she is still on here, but I appear to have no link...help please needed.
  7. artym

    Title for new group

    Rather late for an update...but we did call our group Dolly Mixtures, which still stands....still 8 people in the group and others who pop in from time to time..you will see my update on another post as have re-introduced myself as ages since I came on here..Just a few of our group plus the pram cover (First crotchet ever) double crotchet...made by an 86 year old lady for her first great grandson.
  8. artym

    my introduction

    Well I am re-introducing myself as an old member who hasn't been on here for ages...used to have quite an input, so some of you may remember me....the last time I came on here I believe must have been early summer when I had started up a "learn to knit and crotchet" group for retired people who had never knitted or wanted to come back to it....(in the complex where hubby and I now live)....well folks...you can't get rid of me that fast....I have been quite ill, but won't go into that. Despite health issues I have managed to keep my little group of would be crotchet and knitters going...8 of us still in the group..one lady can no longer crotchet but was a prolific crotheter 40 years ago....now comes for the company...she is 92ish. One lady of 86 never tried crotchet ever and has completed a pram blanket for her first great grandson, so proud of her..she worked hard despite very painful arthritic fingers....and has now returned to knitting (which she gave up some years ago because of painful fingers).She has made a Christmas sock and now knitting a cushion cover...another lady as made a beautiful large bed cover (but to be fair, she has worked on crotchet previously...and little Carol (who has Williams syndrome and arthritis manages to knit a strip of knitting with great care and then pulls it apart and starts again, but she is happy doing that and being part of a group.....another lady making a table mat with very thick wool...must be hard on the hands but now quite prolific with the stitches I have shown her...I now take other crafts I personally have worked on over the years and it fascinates them to watch me with my hot fix gems to work on, plus easy quilling techniques (am hoping they will ask to have a go at one of my little demos), but I don't push them....next week I shall show them tea bag folding, then there is iris folding..Such things as fine cross stitch are out of the question as too fine for older eyes. (mine included since cataract removal), but what a blessing that was...to be able to see better than I have for years....I am going to take some old Christmas cards, my die cut machine and hole punch and glue and show them how to make Christmas decorations from those in a couple of weeks...(I like showing them, they enjoy watching and if they want to try, they are welcome to)....a lot of lonely people up here. I find it difficult losing my mobility, but will be 81 mid November, but manage with a wheelie...little difficult on the buses, but we have to manage somehow...my husband having difficulties with his walking...all very daunting, with some of the family recently moved away. Good to have my daughter living nearby in emergencies she and her husband are a godsend.but they work hard, so try not to bother them...so...my crafts keep me sane and seems to enlighten the lives of the little group who come in on a Wednesday afternoon and any other resident who wishes to come and chat....I have been asked to make my cards again this year, so shall do what I can with increasing stiffness in my fingers...would love to show them glass painting and water colour painting but whether this will be possible in the New Year time will tell...this old biddy does not give up easily...My Christmas cards last year were made with flower cutting dies with a brad in the centre (3 layers of red, white, green, very simple and quite pleasing as a design....sometimes using gems and bows etc....
  9. artym

    What's your favourite thing to crochet?

    Having taught my little group the basic double crochet etc....they seem to have gone mad on granny squares .I have also gone a bit mad on them, but what on earth am I going to do with them all apart from the inevitable blankets...I may make a bag with some of mine as have some cotton lining and see how that goes. with double lined handles....(Good for carrying crochet and knitting around). shall see.Any ideas would be greatly appreciated....
  10. artym

    What's your favourite thing to crochet?

    It seems strange to see my little group of crochet learners....all over 80...but holding the hook any way they can because of arthritic fingers, but they are producing granny squares at last with all colours......so they don't know it yet but now they are prolific with that I hope to take them on to a few more crochet stitches, but all that depends on how I get on at hospital over next 2 weeks...the Cardiac Consultant this Thursday following echocardiogram and Friday have endoscopy with reasonable urgency as some heart tablets have had to be suspended for a week .and more tests next week, so crikey hope I come out better than I go in....but crochet is a good friend when waiting for things to be done.........should call that time CROCHET FOR THE CROTCHETY....
  11. artym

    What's your favourite thing to crochet?

    oh, yes and small squares to make into bags to put the crochet work in.
  12. artym

    What's your favourite thing to crochet?

    Moved on from little flowers to beanie hats....that is the next item to make with my little group, who are limited in their abilities because of arthritic fingers...(or mostly anyway)...so we shall undoubtedly see some strange shaped hats, knowing my group...but time will tell...
  13. artym

    Title for new group

    Well, the group is going well....two cannot handle the crochet with the arthritic hands, but they come along to chat...the others are doing very well and at the moment working on grannie squares...so when they have had a few more weeks on those I shall introduce them to a few more stitches. One lady 86 has now completed her first piece ever and going great guns....my own crochet is suffereing a little as arthritis is a little difficult at times, but so far, no one has noticed and working on just odd stitches for them is fine, but I know I shall not be able to work on the finer crochet I did in the past...however, every dog has its day....and if the fingers fail for crochet I shall introduce something else...as long as I am able...we came across a large box of used Christmas cards.....have permission to use them if I can find a use, so with my die cutting machine am sure we can make some banners or whatever for the hall for Christmas with our only expense then being glues and tape. So, any ideas what to use old greeting cards for please let me know...but must not cost a fortune to produce something as I supply all materials myself at this moment in time....
  14. artym

    The Name Game

  15. artym

    Title for new group

    Hi Lindylo, The name we chose finally is Dolly mixtures which actually quite uits the group...a more mixed group of personalities you can not imagine...8 of us at the moment...I discovered a large box of used greeting cards, Christmas and birthday etc. all used, but was going to be thrown out at the hall so retrieved it for some sort of use later with the group....with y die cut machine and various dies, will be able to cut some shapes from the colourful cards and probably use them with the group for a big collage or something later on...wlll see...as we now have an allotted cupboard in the Common Room I have a place to store such things...