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  1. kinglake1

    fridge calendar magnet ,,,

    i have just finished making a fridge magnet you can see it on my blog also the instructions,I think it would make a great little tree gift or stocking filler what do you all think ? xx jo xx
  2. kinglake1

    My first attempt at posting my work... please be kind!!

    lovely card !!! xx jo xx
  3. kinglake1

    Latest make?

    oh well i think its great xx jo xx
  4. OK i have made post it note folders they are for charity .... note pad holder made from coasters.... scarfs... soap..... these can all be viewed on my blog I am always adding more so keep a look out By the way i love your idea on cross stitch bags vamp xxx jo xx
  5. kinglake1

    First card as a design team member!!!!

    love it ...xx jo xx
  6. kinglake1

    Latest make?

    QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmmmm that would have taken me ages ....its a lovely card! xx jo xx
  7. kinglake1


    xxx jo xx
  8. kinglake1

    Good Morning Tuesday

    morning all xx jo xx
  9. kinglake1

    Latest make?

  10. kinglake1

    Latest make?

    i have been making another couple of post it folders they are on my blog if you would like to see them xx jo xx
  11. kinglake1

    Latest make?

    WOW that must have taken you ages ...its great xxjo xx
  12. kinglake1

    Recycled boxes

    they are scrummy xx jo xx
  13. kinglake1

    My First Exploding box card!

    well done xx jo xx
  14. kinglake1


    congratulations xx jo xx
  15. kinglake1

    CB Blog List

    please could i go on your list too xx jo xx thank you xx