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  1. silvercustard

    Texture Boutique Embossing Machine by sizzix

    i have one and its fab easy to use and takes the cuttle bug folders too, really easy to take to a club/ crop and not a bad price for a gadget , i have a wizzard that can do the same thing but this is much quicker and easier so gets used rather than gathering dust LOL
  2. silvercustard


    out of all the tools i have ( and trust me I have a few lol!!!) i love my crop-a-dile the most . It is a fab tool that will punch a hole through most things: card, plastic, tin , chip bord, the list goes on. I make lots of min books and use the crop a dile to punch holes for the binding, i have used it with bind it all wires that are quite cheep, you just place the wire where you want it and mark with a pencil where you need the holes... then out comes the crop-a-dile.... you can pinch the wires together by hand and this works just as well as a bind-it-all machine ) have fun with it xx
  3. silvercustard

    The Good Morning Thread

    hi there guys ) just thought i would pop by and say hi as i havent visited CB for a bit!! good to see some old faces still here and a few new ones too. hope your all doing well and happily crafting in the sunshine xx
  4. silvercustard

    Its snowing!!

    not soon enough!!!! LOL but then i have so much work to get through i could do with a few more office hours....how sad is that!
  5. silvercustard

    Its snowing!!

    Hi louise, that dont sound good!!! hope your well too, thought i would pop by and say hi...should be working but haveing trouble getting down to it today....whant to go home and craft (as alwways !!)
  6. silvercustard

    Its snowing!!

    Hi all, was snowing here and i was hoping it would get bad enough for boss to send us home...no such luck, its stoped now and all melted (
  7. silvercustard

    The Good Morning Thread

    Hi hunny, you know work work work as always, must take more time to play!!!! I was born to scrap but forced to work!!! love lots xx
  8. silvercustard

    6x6 Swap - EASTER - 25th April

    Hi eveyone, (hanging head in shame) Fist I would like to say huge apoligies to the two lovely ladies that set me beautiful pages last month, I am so sorry that I havent retuened my part of the swap. My life has been a bit manic latly and i just have not cought up on all the stuff i needed too. i do apreciate the hard work you have put in to your pages and I am greatful and thank you for the things you sent, I dont want to let you down so i will do last months pages (better late than never) and send them on to you asap if that is ok. Would you like me to send them to Sarah so they will get to you with this months swap? Sorry again Love Claire xx
  9. silvercustard

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good morning all, dont worry Dee it could be Monday!!!!!!!! only two days till the weekend xx
  10. silvercustard

    crochet embellishments

    they look great hun, if icould do that i would be so chuffed!! I buy mine !!!
  11. silvercustard

    6X6 Scrapbook pages swap,To be exchanged by 30th March.

    thanks for the comment hunny, i have posted today but may have missed the last post ... sorry hun... if so will be with you by wednesday xx
  12. silvercustard

    6X6 Scrapbook pages swap,To be exchanged by 30th March.

    Hi there ladies, just a quick post to let you know pages done and ready to pop in the post tomorrow ( hope Glitzzy and Queenie like them). off to post pics on my blog now so if you want a peek you can xx happy weekend to you all , Take care. Claire xx
  13. silvercustard

    6X6 Scrapbook pages swap,To be exchanged by 30th March.

    ok then,will stick with it!!
  14. silvercustard

    6X6 Scrapbook pages swap,To be exchanged by 30th March.

    sorry ladies i didnt realise that we had this theme already ...we can change it if you want to
  15. silvercustard

    New swap - Circle Journal

    thats fine love if you do get any just let me know xx