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  1. craftycarmy

    Cross Stitch

    Hope you like them.The 1st one is King Arthur with Gwenevere, Lancelot and Merlin. with the 2nd pic it is called Lily pond dreams There is a lot of beadwork in this pic. The next pic is by Mirebella again with lots of beadwork incorporated.
  2. craftycarmy

    Owl and Rag Doll

    Hope you like them I got pattern for owl in PinInterest. The pattern for 20" Rag doll I got from ebay. The last pic is cross stitched Barn Owl quite a big picture
  3. craftycarmy

    Christmas Cards

    Hope you like them. The designs I got from CraftsUPrint.
  4. craftycarmy


    Lovely cards Good idea
  5. craftycarmy

    Christmas Card

    Love your card. Well done
  6. craftycarmy

    More Christmas Tags

    They are absolutely beautiful. Love those tags.
  7. craftycarmy

    Polystirene ring

    Well I had fun making this wreath with my free polystyrene ring from paper crafter. I bought leaf sequins and die cut out leaves on ebay. This tissue type paper to cover ring was from a previous magazine. again I got the ribbon roses on Ebay, which I think gave the finishing touch. Hope you like it I haven't on here fro a long time, have had health problems.
  8. craftycarmy

    The Good Morning Thread

    Yes Good Luck Martingale. Mary glad you had a good time at the garden party. Bobsie the New Forest is only down the road from me I also have family living in Weymouth. So I know the areas you went quite well. I used to live in Weymouth, before I moved to Romsey. It is really beautiful, especially if you go to the old part of the New Forest, looking at the very old english trees. We used to take our kids out there when they were young, played a game with them, hunting for Robin Hood hahaha have been quite busy making Autism keyrings and Disability Awareness keyrings, they have sold quite well, but donating to The Micklem Centre in Winchester which is a place where autistic people can get help. Any other stuff I sell 10% before profits go to Romsey Good Neighbours. These are people who take Disabled and Elderly people too and from medical appointments. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't get to hospital appointments etc. Since I've started a Facebook page to sell my items, I am selling things very quickly and also have quite a few orders as well! Yesterday I had The BBC round filming me, it is regards to the bedroom tax and how it is effecting me and thousands of people like me. I will be on the Inside Out program, they think it will be shown on October 7th. But they will let me know for definate when. So I have been a busy bee
  9. craftycarmy

    Latest make?

    Thanks Bobsie, Love your cards Angel
  10. craftycarmy

    Latest make?

    Beautiful cards Buttercups
  11. craftycarmy

    The Good Morning Thread

    Morning everyone, how are you all. Have posted in papercrafts latest makes. Showing off a few Christmas Cards and mosaic photo frame using scrap glitter card, the effect is amazing. Out of A4 glitter card will only make 1 8" x8" card, so with excess I use my punches Butterflies, Flowers and Trees, Which only leaves the odd scrap bits. Which I cut into squares and oblong shapes enabling me to do Mosaic glitter card picture frame. So not a bit of glitter card was wasted. Have made dozens of Christmas Cards already so what have you been up too?
  12. craftycarmy

    Latest make?

    Most of these cards are in 3D
  13. craftycarmy

    Latest make?

  14. craftycarmy

    Latest make?

    Hello People I'm back Have been bedridden a lot lately, so it was a case of crafting and being bedridden is where I've been. I have been busy making Christmas cards. I have used a lot of glitter card in my card making, with the oddments left have used my punches to cut out flowers, Butterflies and trees. But you still seam to have a loft of scrap glitter card. Now I have found a way of using even the scraps. I cut them into small squares and oblongs and have used them for Mosaics on picture frame. and reallt looks effective.
  15. craftycarmy

    Hi Everyone

    Did you miss me? hehe Sorry haven't ben on for a while but there are things keeping me busy, ie. researching laws that have been breached regarding bedroom tax, complete nightmare I wouldn't wish it on anyone. The stress and worry it has caused my rare arthritis to flare up and I keep being bedridden, it drives me mad, cannot even do my crafts.; Enough of that, have been praticising my painting.I love doing sunset pictures. I've done an acrylic painting and an oil painting now, found out, it's quite hard painting on canvas. I have finished knitting my son's patchwork blanket, now have started my daughters blanket. Oh and I've got myself a sissix big shot, saw the ad in my local gumtree site, someone was selling complete kit with extras. So have been making quite a few embellishments, that will save me some money. You know i was making 3D cards, well have tried making a couple of pictures using the same technique as 3D and put them into small box frames, they look very effective. Also using flower embelishments, that I'd made from my sissix big shot. The frames I got from my local tip, they have like a shop bit where they display things that could be sold. I got 31 frames with glass, varying sizes, from large to small,for the grand price of £7....Bargain! So what's everyone been up to?