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    Hi Tina and welcome to the forum. I've moved your post to the Sew Magazine part of the forum.
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    Hi Kelly and welcome to the forum. I love your cascade card, you'll have to try an exploding box card too, they are great fun and not as tricky as you might think!
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    Hi Crystal cat and welcome to the forum
  4. Bigbunniesuk

    Hi from Emma

    Hi Emma and welcome to the forum. You will find plenty of great projects if you click on the "Projects" and "Videos" buttons at the top of the page, and also free papers in the "Free downloads" section.
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    Are Eco Friendly Crafts Important to you?

    Interesting question Scarlett. If you promote them well it might make the customer choose one item over another similar item that isn't eco friendly
  6. Bigbunniesuk

    Help Needed

    Hmm, not sure! Might be worth looking on the support section of the Epson website, they should be able to advise what to do? I've got a Canon that will do all of the above - I've had it a few years now so it's not a current model (it's an MG5200 series) but they're good little printers and I like the fact that they have separate inks so if one runs out you don't have to replace the lot! I get compatible inks from Stinkyink for just over £8 the set.
  7. Bigbunniesuk

    Help Needed

    Hi and welcome to the forum. It sounds like you have the actual document set right, but I think you need to go a step further into the print setup when you print it. Don't use the Quick Print setting. When you open the Print menu you should see a button called Properties, which controls how the printer will deal with the print job. It's going to look different for every printer, but you should be able to find a setting for Orientation. Change this to Landscape and it should be ok, but just in case and to save wasting paper, always do Print Preview before you actually print it and you'll see exactly what you're going to get. You may need to make a few tweaks to get it just right. Hope this helps!
  8. Bigbunniesuk

    Wrap bracelet/necklace

    I made this for a recent forum swap. The theme was Summer Nights so I interpreted this as deep blues, blacks and a few sparkles and a sprinkling of stars. It can be worn as a wrap bracelet or a long necklace. Thanks for looking
  9. HI and welcome to the forum. I think the cushion might be in the Unicorn Dreams booklet that came with issue 124 as I've found a correction to the pattern on the Let's Knit page https://www.letsknit.co.uk/pattern-updates/unicorn-dreams-booklet
  10. Thanks Ian, you too - episode 5 sounds very exciting
  11. I think this is your best yet Ian - love it The sets are absolutely amazing
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    Intro - Hi there

    Hi and welcome from me too We'd love to see some of your makes!
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    easy twisted round ring with copper wire

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Have you considered printing your own labels? You can buy sheets of them and download the grid template then just design them in Word.
  15. Bigbunniesuk

    Matte Finish

    Hi Keith and welcome to the forum. Sorry you've lost me - could you explain a little more please about what you have modelled and what you've painted it with?
  16. Bigbunniesuk

    Jewellery Business Questions for Make & Sell Jewellery

    No I don't think I've ever seen any, do you make it yourself? Perhaps you could show us some of your makes
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    Thanks for having me.

    Hi Sarah Sally, and welcome from me too
  18. Bigbunniesuk

    Postcards artwork

    You can use anything you want for this, you can paint them or make collages, yes you can use old magazines or junk mail, anything at all
  19. Bigbunniesuk

    Creating Neat Dreamcatchers

    So beautiful, thank you for sharing
  20. Bigbunniesuk

    An Introduction to new site

    Hi Amram and welcome to the forum
  21. Bigbunniesuk

    Sewing Machines for beginners/newbies/amateurs etc

    Hi there I bought my sewing maching about 30 years ago and it's still going strong - a basic Jones one. Is there a John Lewis near you, as they used to let you have a go on their machines to see what you liked (no idea if they still do but it's worth asking!). Decided what features you can't live without, then what would be useful, rather than being overwhelmed with a million stitches you're never going to use
  22. Bigbunniesuk

    Question about packets of craft buttons.

    If they have a FaceBook page or Twitter it might be worth asking on there: as it's more public they might be more inclined to respond!
  23. Bigbunniesuk

    Question about packets of craft buttons.

    At least you got your money back
  24. Bigbunniesuk

    What are your thoughts on handmade clothing?

    I think if you want people to do your survey you need to start by introducing yourself and say what you are trying to achieve. Your survey is collecting personal and financial information but there is no clue who we would be giving our details to, so I have not completed it as I do not feel it complies with the Data Protection Act. I have removed the link from your post as it does not comply with forum rules. Advertising is not permitted on the forum, but I'm sure members would give you their opinions on here if you asked.
  25. Bigbunniesuk

    Trying to find organdy, online or otherwise

    We are lucky enough to have a super little fabric shop where I live, who can order in what they don't stock themselves. Personally I wouldn't rule out eBay, as you can easily tell if they actually have the items themselves rather than selling on from China - if they offer next day delivery to the UK they will certainly have the goods over here. I have more often seen it spelled as "organdie" over here, have you tried searching for that as well as organdy? I'm surprised that you think UK postage is cheap - we think it's extortionate!