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  1. hennie

    Are you Happy? Or hungry?

    He did grow into a butterfly lol. I made it into a puppet. xx
  2. They are. Started last night and finsihed them this afternoon,just needed something I didnt, need to think about lol xx
  3. hennie

    Hello Dolly

    I've enjoyed making these dolls. Have another one, waiting for her clothes.
  4. Hi all, I was a fairly regular regular on here, but lost my mojo for awhile. Anyhoo last night my mom gave me a folder full of projects and pattern templates from the Craft-Beautiful magazines. It reminded me of how much I had enjoyed being on here, plus there were some great ideas in there too. lol So, here I am again, saying Hi, how is everyone? Deb xx
  5. hennie


    Typing from my sickbed, have a nasty chest infection. GOOSE Thank you soooooooo much,. I love my hat, my pale pink fingerless gloves, my bright pink fingerless gloves and my stunning scarf. You are so very very generous. Will take pics when up and not feeling sorry for myself. xx
  6. Posted and recieved mine. Havent opened it yet, are we waiting for the staff party? Thank you in advance Santa
  7. Recieved mine today, posting mine on Saturday
  8. for sending me some beautiful red wool, how did you know I was busy making santa's lol Thank you for your kindness.
  9. nice makes, I have an idea, if I can find time inbetween the orders that is lol. look forward to seeing everyones ideas
  10. hennie

    Christmas Wish list

    well thank you for my person for adding details, phew what a relief!!1 Dream colours, I love pinks and I'm told fuschia suits me. I also like blues. Any yarn as long as its not itchy if it's going against my skin. Nightmare colours, in balls of wool, non I can use all colours in my toys. in an accessory, probably nothing here either. I have absolutely no idea of what washes me out lol, I work in a primary school, so kids are used to me wearing fun and funky lol. If my swapper hasnt time for a make, I love,love , love buttons, making toys so any fabric scraps, yarns, ribbons will be great. Can crochet, knit and sew, so needle cases, pincushions, needles and pins etc are always welcome. Hopefully I have given you enough to be going on with, lol. thanks giddy for organising this
  11. hennie

    Arh! 36 Days till Christmas!!

    I've been making things, but for others, not off my own to do list lol.
  12. hennie

    Secret Santa 2010 - NOW CLOSED!!!!!!!!

    Me too, please, Giddy will pm addy
  13. hennie

    Good to be back

    Hi all, Havent been around for a while, I found myself in a very dark and lonely place, and really wasnt fit company for anyone. Today is the first day in ages I feel more like my old self. Happy to be back, will go off and read past threads, see what everyone has been upto. XX
  14. hennie

    Sunday after the night before .........

    Well good night to you all, back to school tomorrow for me, tho ours is an inset day, children back on Tuesday. Off to do a little more Thomas, speak to you all tomorrow evening.
  15. hennie

    Amy's Work

    Easy to see why you are both so proud of her, amazing work. Wishing her all the best for her future