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  1. Max62

    YooHoo! Remember Me?

    ***Waves both hands*** Very nice to meet you too Nancy and Bobsie. Good to be back ladies ... am still finding it all a bit overwhelming but it certainly is prettier. There are so many more different sections and categories to explore than were here before and I keep getting lost. No doubt I will find my way around ... eventually LOL! Off to beddy-byes for now though. Take care and sleep tight Luv'n'Stuff Max xx
  2. Max62

    3D card

    Must investigate how to do these cascade cards 'cos they're stunning.
  3. Max62

    cascade card

    WOW! Love this.
  4. Max62

    paper piecing card

    I need to dig out my stamps again .... used to love paper piecing. Lovely papers you've used.
  5. Max62

    cameo creation.

    Really like this one ... so pretty.
  6. Max62

    Cameo cut pop-up Flowers Step card

    Ooooooh that's lovely Maggie
  7. Max62

    fancy edged cards

    Very elegant
  8. Max62

    Baby girl stepper card

    Awwwwwww ... what a cute card Louise. Admit to being slightly confused as the image isn't showing in your message - it's in the first reply. After cruising some of the message boards though, they are all showing the images in the first reply box so must be a wee glitch.
  9. Max62

    embellished notebook

    Your Ballerina Butterflies are beautiful Natalie xx
  10. Max62

    Card for a 3 year old

    Look forward to seeing your bunny card. Luv'n'Stuff Max xx
  11. Max62

    Wedding Invitations

    If you're still looking for blank premade wallet/folder invitations that you decorate yourself, then I know somewhere who does them and very reasonable. Not sure if links are allowed but if you type Fuschia Fairy into your search engine then the website should be top of the list. Hope that helps. Luv'n'Stuff Max xx
  12. Max62

    YooHoo! Remember Me?

    Hi Everyone ... I'm back! Thanks to whoever helped resolve the 'log in' issues. It's been a looooooong time since my last visit. Thought I'd pop by and check out the new CB playground ... catch up with some old friends and, who knows, maybe make some new ones. Am off to explore so hopefully see you around the boards. Luv'n'Stuff Max xx
  13. Max62

    Thank You My CB Friends

    Oh My Giddy Aunt! Thank you ladies ... your kindness means more than you will ever know. Just had to show you these beauties which arrived yesterday and today from Tiggertastic, Heather1981 and Cambiel. Seems like I'm having an extended birthday this year and between you and me, I think the family are just a wee bit jealous. Thank you very much everyone ... I will treasure them all. xxx Luv'n'Stuff Max xx
  14. Max62

    Thank You My CB Friends

    ... more gorgeousness :kiss:
  15. You cannot begin to imagine the surprise and delight when I opened all the envelopes that arrived to celebrate my birthday yesterday, especially as I wasn't expecting anything because ongoing health issues last year meant I had to leave the CB Birthday Club. Your kindness and thoughtfulness is very much appreciated ... thank you all so much xxx You made my day EXTRA Special. I hope that I'll soon be well enough to come back and visit like I used to ... but in the meantime, take care everyone and please know that you totally blew me away xxx Luv'n'Stuff Max xx