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  1. Renata

    A few of my felted miniature animals

    Love these. mice and pigs are my fave animals, actually i like all animals equally hehe
  2. Renata

    Painting on canvas......

    Excellent gift! I love acyrlic too, much more bold than watercolour and not messy like oilpaint
  3. Renata

    Shrink Plastic

    I think I will do some next without text on. I love animals pendants but would like to do something different. Any ideas? Id love to do some of young children (cutesy) for example but dont know any to draw from so i asked! I am starting to put some aside for a romanian dogs fundraiser, 7 pendants and 2 tshirts so far. Meaningful project + wearable arts/crafts. Hope you like them.
  4. Renata

    Healthy Icecream

    Hi, I found this 'There is no cholesterol in coconut milk, or in any vegetable/fruit/nut. Cholesterol is only found in animal products. However the saturated fat content of coconut milk is quite high,, but there are some people who have been saying that the saturated fat in coconut milk is different from the saturated fat in other things, and even go so far as to say that it's good for your circulation. The most unbiased opinion I've ever seen on this stuff says that the jury is still out. ' ' it is much healthier than other saturated fat products, and the fat is easily metabolized by the body. Coconut milk also offers some particular health benefits. It is anti-carcinogenic, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral.' i love the taste personally, sometimes make it with ricemilk too, requires very little just enough to help the handblender. Also bananas shouldnt be tooo frozen (my cheap blender stopped working!). I love dark chocolate and banana stops me from having so much!
  5. Renata

    First ever 'blog'!

    Thanks! I love adding to it. I leave out my photos of soup and casseroles because they look plain Enjoyed the maple syrup today! Aldi is really cheap.
  6. Renata

    First ever 'blog'!

    Thankyou so much! nice support Im not very good at measuring and writing down recipes so really throwing a few ideas around! looking at new cookery ideas... and I hope to be less of a fussy fru when it comes to spices or creamy food. I dont like avocados plain but I use them a lot in cooking/preparing, always learning
  7. Renata

    First ever 'blog'!

    Hello Ive started taking pics of the food I make, well if I get around to it! I have lots of ideas of wat to make and really it's getting the motivation to cook! It doesn't take much time, and costs less. I'm going to try and keep accurate recipes as I tend to bung anything in that matches. I look around markets for interesting fruit anfd veg, and also like the idea of using seasonal veg. Enjoying looking at foody blogs at the moment, some of the creativity is really nice (chinese food art!) I dont use adverts so sharing a blog purely out of love for food!
  8. Renata

    Pretty Salads

    Trying to be more green Ive found it more appealing to eat salad is finely cut , also making smoothies a lot, easier to drink fruit!
  9. Renata

    Healthy Icecream

    Just pureed frozen banana But to mine i added a little coconut milk (and raspberry, peanutbutter)
  10. Renata

    Eggless Cakes

    Thanks I made some cinnamon icing ones this morning. i think my cooking is looking uhealthy haha, pretty things tend to be unless theyre salad!
  11. Renata

    Does anyone else do Needle Felting?

    You are good at 3d crafts these look well made too I knew a lady who wore a needlefelted brooch kind of like a camelia shape, it was so pretty id love to make one but i do worry aboutf buying new tools and bits!
  12. Renata

    Whoopie pies- first attempt- Recipe added

    You could have half of one on a diet! Ive seen icecream sandwhich cakes that big . there will always be people who lovvvvve chocolate!
  13. Renata

    Eggless Cakes

    I used vegan ingredients but creamcheese for the icing as I didnt have any vegan creamcheese. I use 1 heaped tablespoon of whey protein from a healthfoodshop and a touch of soymilk to replace one egg. soy milk instead of cow milk, and sunflower margerine, also can get ricemilk or almondmilk but soy is the cheapest from 60p/litre The lotuspaste filled cakes are chinese and served hot Dr Pepper cake, i used a can of soda to make the cake rise instead of eggs, chocolate cake as i didnt have any lighter sodapop! Finally some cinnamon buns! the only danish i like! Im really enjoying cooking to the point it might be annoying, but i no longer have to go shopping as much and like the idea of living greener, also can bring something nice to my friends houses
  14. Renata

    Quaesadilla (Lunch today)

    That looks delicious and it's probably a good dinner too. Apparantly avocados give shiny hair!
  15. Renata

    Some Cooking

    Thanks! I think white chocolate brownes would be nice too, it's just a bit expensive buying good white chocolate! Lastnight I did a lot of cooking and im going to a friends tonight theyve asked me to make a cheese pizza so il make another butterfly