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  1. I was wondering if there are any ladies here from dover area who wanted to get crafty together? you know make a little group who could chat online and maybe even meet in private and craft and share ideas together,,,,
  2. ninajeanette

    Show us Your Sewing Makes!

    I love it; what pattern did yo use?
  3. ninajeanette

    Show us Your Sewing Makes!

    How did you make it, its so cute with the ruffles
  4. ninajeanette

    Living abroad

    I live in Norway and last september my local craft shop closed so now so i have to travel an hour ish to the next one and since i m handicapped( not in my head thou,lol he he he he) so i shop a lot on ebay but i m open for anyone if i can pay with paypal if anyone know about someone.
  5. ninajeanette

    Mirri Cards

    and how do you make and create these wonderful cards?
  6. ninajeanette

    Mirri Cards

    What is really spirelli cards and how do you make them? nina
  7. ninajeanette


    Phew! Just checking...there is always time to subscribe to ours :cheese: Have a good weekend too! :coolsmile: I am one that would love to suscribe to your magazine as it seems to be the best BUT as far as i have understood since i live in Norway i wont get the extra presents that are in only the magazine itself and that has held me off to suscribe as i think that also i deserve to get the same as you in UK gets. Is there anything you can do with that? luv nina
  8. ninajeanette

    Xmas card for Mum 'n' Dad & Boyfriend

    I love ur cards; what kind of paper did u use?
  9. ninajeanette

    cherry paper

    I have a paper with cherrys on, one is white background other is black i think
  10. ninajeanette

    and some more

    may i ask how you did the background on this'? i love all ur cards thou, u been a busy lil bee
  11. ninajeanette

    My Makes

    I love them but i really need to know where u got the lamb stamp from, i just gotta gotta gootttttta get it.lol
  12. ninajeanette

    30th birthday card for my friend

    Its great, is it possible to download the template for it?
  13. ninajeanette

    Latest make

    LOve love love it! where u get the fairy stamp?
  14. ninajeanette

    How to use Hot foil- Pictorial

    Can you do this techiniqe withou the stensils?
  15. ninajeanette

    Craft Knives???

    I have 2 from the F company and the new ergonmic one is really really good, so much easier to get a clean cut i promise...