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  1. teeniebop

    Im so scared :(

    thank you soo much for your support everyone,it honestly means so much, mum is going for the biopsy today, but we wont have results untill about 6 weeks time , if only they could be sooner Martine
  2. teeniebop

    Im so scared :(

    Thank you so so much for your support everyone, you dont know what it means to me, i could be overreacting, it could only be a cist, but until my mum gets the biopsy and results, i will continue to worry, but again thank you everyone and hello kim , its nice to see you here darlin Martine
  3. teeniebop

    Im so scared :(

    Its enough that you care hun, thankyou for the support xx Martine
  4. teeniebop

    Im so scared :(

    thankyou maggie, it does ease my mind a bit, i have been looking online about it, and it seems the symptoms of a goiter are like my mums, she has been told she is anemic but she also has inflammation in the blood and i didn't see this as a symptom, also the swelling is just below her ear (in her thyroid i think)and not below her her throat as it says on the net about goiter symptoms,i can only hope for the best and support my mum through this as i am sure she is scared stiff, even though she wont show it Martine
  5. teeniebop

    Im so scared :(

    My mum has just told me today that she has to go and have a biopsy on a lump in her neck on Wednesday as it may be cancer, she said she didnt tell me because she didn't want me to worry, well now i know and i am so scared, i am crying as i write this, what makes it worse is that my mums 2 sisters both had cancer in their necks,and my grandad has a brain tumor and skin cancer, so cancer runs in the family, it may only be a swollen thyroid, but until the tests are done we wont know for sure and i am scared stiff. Martine
  6. teeniebop

    Arggghhh, so frustrated

    thankyou eveyone, i will keep looking and see if i can find it, but i think its gone for good :down:
  7. teeniebop

    Arggghhh, so frustrated

    I bought a gorgeous sarah kay stamp the other day and i wanted to use it today, problem is that its went missing, i put it in my stamp box (still in its packaging) and now its not there, i have looked everywhere possible and its simply vanished of the face of the earth, oooooo soooo annoying, things just seem to have a habit of disappearing on me, although, i did transfer my stamps into a bigger box the other day and i threw out all the rubbish, i wonder if i threw the stamp out mistaking it for rubbish????? ooo i hope not, it was such a cute stamp too, it was one of the new sarah kay ones, apple pie, ooo i am so annoyed with myself now, thats money down the drain, i may have to buy a new one if it doesn't show up, thing is though no doubt i will buy a new one and the old one will turn up, well if thats the case i will probably be giving away some blog candy so keep your eyes peeled , ooo sorry just realized i have got a bit carried away, sorry i just needed a rant off to have a sulk and tear the house apart looking for it :roll: xx Martine
  8. thankyou for the gorgeous atc that arrived through my door today, i will try and get a piccy up later if i have time, but again thankyou sweetie hugs Martine
  9. teeniebop

    Thank you queenie

    for the lovely christmas atc, i will post a piccy up later if i get a chance thank you again sweetie hugs Martine
  10. teeniebop

    help with wizard die

    hi i am not a 100% sure about the ordinary wizard dies, as i only have the nestibilities,to get the embossed edge on these you need a tan rubber mat which is made for this purpose, they are normally £15 but they are 12x12 in size which is too big so if you look on ebay you will find a girl who cuts her 12x12 tan mats down to 6x6 and sells them allot cheaper, plus this is the perfect size for the cuttlebug, when you have your tan mat, you first need to cut the die using the A plate , then place the C plate down, the put your die and the cardstock down, the Finish the sandwich with adding the B plate on top, (you could also switch the positions of the C plate and the B plate, it will work both ways) so it should look like this B Plate die cardstock C Plate A Plate after the die is cut you need to leave it in the die, so remove all the scrap cardstock and get your mat ready, you will also need 2 pieces of equal weight (scrap) cardstock or 1 thick piece, try it first to make sure its not too thick or too thin. First you add the A plate, then you add the B plate, next add your die (face up) with the card still in it, then add the rubber mat, then place the 2 bits of cardstock ontop of this, then add another B plate so it should look like this B Plate 2 Bits of cardstock Rubber Mat Die with cardstock still in it (face up) B Plate A Plate if you are still confused by my rambling here is a link to a youtube video showing you how its done (probably would have made more sense to post this video instead of my rambling lol)
  11. teeniebop

    arrrgh, where does everything go ????

    panic over girls, i found them, they were in the airing cupboard, just hiding where i couldnt see them, either that or the cheeky little elves that borrowed them quickly put them back after they had realized i noticed they were gone hehe, i love the ideas you have beverly, i bet your tree looked gorgeous , the theme i have this year and last year is brown, gold and bronze, with white lights, although it is a little different this time as i am using a black tree instead of my usual green tree, but i hope it will look just as nice other years i have had gold and red silver and red silver blue and white pink and silver i will probably go with something completely different next year hehe xx Martine
  12. teeniebop

    arrrgh, where does everything go ????

    i dont go into the loft (its too spooky for me lol), the garage and shed are filled with tools that never get used so there is no chance of them being out there, and i have checked under all the beds in the house, i have absolutly no idea where everything has went, i may need to buy more if i cant find them, but i bet if i did buy more, the missing ones would turn up lol xx Martine
  13. teeniebop

    Some sad news (follow up to life sucks)

    oh i so sorry sweetie, sending big hugs your way xx Martine
  14. I have searched the house over and over and i cannot for the life of me find my xmas decorations that i used last year, i was wanting to use them again this year as i had bought everything new last year with some fancy flashing fairy lights, i also bought a new tree to put the decorations on but they are nowhere to be found, i usually put the decorations in the top shelf of the airing cupboard but all that was there was the year before last Christmas decorations, and lights that are sooo badly tangled i wont go near them with a barge pole, weird thing is though, last year i couldn't even find these, now they have appeared and the ones i want are missing 8-/ 8-/ 8-/ xx Martine
  15. teeniebop

    changed my screen name

    Thanks everyone, i have no idea where my brothers got the name , but hey ho i just roll with it %-P xx Martine