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  1. Frangipane


    Glad it's getting cooler now. Mary, not sure what you're talking about politics for when I'm talking about the weather. You've completely lost me.
  2. Frangipane


    I'm not having a bad day at all, so I don't know what you mean. We're entitled to have a rant now and again. Any way, it's quite true.
  3. Frangipane


    Why is it so hot? It's 66 degrees and I'm just not made for this kind of tropical climate. I have Scandinavian blood in my veins. I just can't cope. Well, the weather forecast says it's 66 degrees here, but it feels a lot hotter to me. Is anyone else wilting?
  4. Frangipane


    Thankfully I rarely see them and I think I'll just avoid them from now on. She's a funny woman in any case. And I thought my mum was weird...
  5. Frangipane


    Why can't everyone be like the publishers here? The others either never ask for customer feedback, or they ask but all they want are compliments. If you dare to be honest and say you want something else, they act like huffy children instead of professionals. About time they realise we as customers are their bread and butter!! Rant over...a lot of publishers could learn from Aceville Publishing.
  6. Frangipane


    Thanks for the ideas. Well, without knowing what was going on I didn't dare contradict him for fear of causing problems, so I agreed that I must be mistaken. I know her mum said she visited the other two, so no, they aren't dead. She also said she hadn't wanted children but loved her husband and that was why she had his children. They've since divorced but still on speaking terms. So, not adopted and not step-children. Mmmmm. Perhaps she's estranged from her sisters as has been suggested? Must have happened before she met her partner. Heavens, it must have been bad for her not to tell her partner she has sisters...and for her mum to act as if she has an only child with her daughter's partner. I must be careful what I say in future, but I had no idea. Oh...tricky.
  7. Frangipane

    Healing thoughts and prayers needed please

    I agree, tests can't be rushed unless you want to run the risk of error. Plenty of chemists in the family can confirm this. I'm afraid you just have to wait and see. Hope someone is able to ring up for him though if he needs further medical attention as it sounds as if he's maybe been sent home a little soon. I know they're always after beds and there's pressure of numbers though, so it can't be an easy decision and I wouldn't like to have to decide who stays and who goes. Hope it all works out well in the end.
  8. Frangipane


    OK, I have a real mystery for you to solve. I spoke to someone I know and mentioned his partner had sisters...and he said I was mistaken as she's an only child! The fact that her mother said she was the middle child of 3 girls sort of says he's wrong. What's going on? Any ideas?
  9. Frangipane

    Very sad news

    It's sunny here, so hope it is where you are and everything runs smoothly.
  10. Frangipane

    Oops, Cupcakes 2

    My great nephews thought these were great and the youngest wanted a finger one.
  11. Frangipane


    Half the time I go I sadly can't give, but at least I can the rest of the time and this was one happy occasion as I could.
  12. Frangipane

    30th Birthday Party

    His wife is the one in the white blouse. She's ever so tall at 6ft 1in in her bare feet. I couldn't take photos later as there were too many people. It was good fun as they played a whole medley of songs and kept the volume down for the neighbours.
  13. Frangipane

    30th Birthday Party...Another Photo

    It's only about 3 feet from their house though! I was worried they would get flooded out, esp. since so many were staying overnight.
  14. Frangipane

    Cupcakes 1

    I love the cricket bats. Think she asked for these...a nod I think toward Shaun of the Dead?
  15. Frangipane

    30th etc.

    His wife just decided on a zombie theme.