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  1. mrsplop

    some of my recent needle felted animals

    Aww thank you! I just love making them!
  2. mrsplop

    some of my recent needle felted animals

    That's very kind, I'm pleased you remember my work. And if it's any consolation, I really can't get into flat felting, it seems more difficult to me!
  3. mrsplop

    some of my recent needle felted animals

    Thank you! It depends what I'm making, some take longer than others. I've made so many of the sleeping ones in the vintage teacups for people that I'm getting quicker at those lol. But they usually take 2-4 weeks. Not solidly working on them all day long cos that would be daft but I work on whichever one I'm doing every day. I really don't know how many hours in total, but lots and lots.
  4. mrsplop

    Labrador House Plaque

    I would love one but I have 4 dogs and not a lot of money :/ they're so lovely I expect they cost a fair bit?
  5. mrsplop

    The Good Morning Thread

    Thank you! Lots of needle felting
  6. mrsplop

    Labrador House Plaque

    I love this! Are you going to be making other breeds Linda?
  7. mrsplop

    W I P wooden snowman puzzle

    Ahhhhh, brilliant!
  8. mrsplop

    The Good Morning Thread

    hello! good morning. I'm glad to be back!
  9. Hello! I haven't been here for ages! So long, that remembering my password was a bit of a task! But it looks like I still have a couple of brain cells floating about, cos here I am hehe! Got some new thingies to show you. Hope you likes 'em. Catherine X
  10. mrsplop

    Needle felted Cocker Spaniel

    Hi Bobsie Here are a couple of links to basic needle felting tutorials. There are lots of video tutorials about beginning needle felting on Youtube, I watched a ton of them when I first started. There's a lady called Kay Petal from Felt Alive, she sells DVD tutorials but she has a few videos on youtube as well. I found her so helpful! http://feltalive.com/ This link is to making a pumpkin for halloween but she has others on there too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqsap4BZChQ This link is to a great 7 part tutorial on felting a pooh bear by Beth Stone and this is a basic shapes tutorial You can probably get the things you need to start from your local crafts shop. You can get kits for beginners too, but my opinion is that you don't really need a kit. You can learn just as well (actually, better) without one Just ask for felting wool it's called wool roving and a couple of needles to begin with. There are different sizes and shapes of needle but a craft shop, not being specialised in needle felting should have a standard one that's suitable to begin with. Get a couple because you may well break one and be really careful! the needles are incredibly sharp. I spent most of my time stabbing myself to start with and it can really hurt! You'll also need a foam pad. You can use upholstery foam (but it isn't very long lasting for felting but it will do to begin with) or if you just have a look on ebay and put in a search for needle felting pads you should find a few If you want to ask me anything, I'd be more than happy to help
  11. mrsplop

    Needle felted Cocker Spaniel

    Hey Stakreem, Thank you Hope all is well with you?
  12. mrsplop

    Needle felted Cocker Spaniel

    Thank you
  13. hahahahaha!! Loved it! How did you do it?!! I want to make an animated video SO much but have no idea how to do it!
  14. mrsplop

    My art video, No. 73 Best of the Tributes!

    Whoa! that's one crazy video! I think I may have nightmares about the woman with the long nose mask!