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    crafting, lunching, crafting, chatting, crafting, travelling, crafting, gardening, crafting, reading, crafting .........
  1. margaretnx

    not really new but

    thank you all for your lovely welcome back - i do hope to be around more often and uploading some of my work, night night and god bless xxx
  2. margaretnx

    not really new but

    good afternoon, i thought i would have a wee nosey on here today - i did register many moons ago but kept forgetting to catch up. however, the forum i usually go on to is seriously in decline and not at all well and i am browsing for a new home to chat to fellow crafters. i wonder if i have found one here?
  3. margaretnx

    Some good news!

    congratulations - i hope the job makes you a lot happier than you were before. just keep smiling and things will be easier. good luck with the training day. xxxx
  4. margaretnx

    What area are you all in?

    hi everyone, i'm in cumbernauld which is half way between glasgow and stirling and have been here 37 years. i was born and brought up in glasgow and as the saying goes "you can take the girl out of glasgow but can't take glasgow out of the girl". for all you ladies travelling north this year you practically have to pass my front door especially if you are going to callender!!! just be careful and watch out for the horrendous roadworks on the A80 which are here for the next two and half years - ugh. if anyone wants to stop for a cuppa just let me know and i'll put the kettle on. xxxx
  5. margaretnx

    Yay, first issues here :)

    i love it - what a packed full magazine. can't wait to get the machine out again and sew, sew, sew. can we look forward to some overlocking articles soon please? i am soooooooooooooo glad i subscribed to this magazine. thank you everyone involved. xxxxx
  6. margaretnx

    Exciting News!

    well there goes my pocket money again - cb from the shops (must renew my subs soon) and the sew mag from my postie - i'll not move from my couch all day and as for my excitement rating - it's through the roof. well done everyone involved in this new mag. xxx
  7. margaretnx

    Sew - Don't miss the first ever issue!

    got my subscription organised. Looking forward to this new magazine and renewing my sewing interest which used to be a fixation till i found cardmaking. xxxx
  8. margaretnx

    how long should I ignore hubby for

    give him a big hug, tell him he was right and therefore he can take you out shopping every half stone you lose and he can buy you something less frumpy to go with your new image - that will teach him to watch what he says!!!! but a very big well done to you for getting on the programme and being so positive - can you send some of it my way please. good luck, keep losing and as an after thought - try reminding your hubby how sexy you feel tee hee. that will confuse him. xxxx
  9. margaretnx

    Scotland Holiday

    you could always "do" glasgow and edinburgh oh, and stirling - loads to see and do and lots of parks if you want green. then you could "go down the clyde or to the trossachs (loads of lochs and glens) i could go on and on but then i am so biased as i love scotland and have always lived here. another thing is the borders - fab. if you let me know what kind of thing you like i'll find some info for you. xxxxx
  10. margaretnx

    I think I'm going to float away! :D

    i can feel your excitement through the computer and i wish you all a safe journey and a fantastic time - take care xxx
  11. margaretnx

    Our happy secret is out...

    mmmmmmmmm not really knowing you at all i would probably be wrong in my guess but here goes - have you found a long lost realtive who hopefully has left you a sizeable inheritance?
  12. margaretnx

    Latest make?

    ok, i'm going to try and be very brave and up-load a couple of my cards - just to test the water you understand. hope this works xxxx
  13. margaretnx

    view projects?

    thank you both, found it - was looking for a general viewing rather than individual. oops xxxxx
  14. margaretnx

    view projects?

    i'm still finding it hard to trawl my way through this forum site - but getting there slowly. what i would like to know is - how do i see the beautiful cards etc that you have all made? am i missing something obvious? thank you xx
  15. i am reading about your fantastic weight loss with my hand in a bag or liquorice allsorts - oops. now that they are finished (well the ones i like anyway) i have decided on the spur of the moment to follow your lead and do something about my disgusting extra stones. watch this space. well done and keep it up xxxx