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  1. maggie50

    Eager newbie!...

    Welcome to the forum have fun xxx Maggie
  2. maggie50

    Happy Birthday magpies delight

    Caroline Happy Birthday from me too , glad you have had a wonderful day Love maggie xxxxx
  3. maggie50

    My First Knitting Book

    Congratulations that is fantastic xx
  4. maggie50

    1st birthday cake

    Wow that is fab, bet she was the envy of her friends, well done you xx
  5. maggie50

    Count to 1,000,000

  6. maggie50

    A to Z in Movies and TV

  7. maggie50

    Two words game

    Beat drums
  8. maggie50

    The New Word Association Thread

  9. maggie50

    Game - Change one letter

    Denise it seems to be taking a while to change I refreshed 3 times and had to edit it xx
  10. maggie50

    Game - Change one letter

    Cartel to Relate
  11. maggie50

    The wild animal game

    Boa constrictor
  12. maggie50

    The fictional character name game

    Thomas tank engine
  13. maggie50

    The Celebrity Name Game

    Nigel Slater
  14. maggie50

    The Name Game

  15. maggie50

    Name that Tune

    Everlasting love