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    When I have a major clear out of my craft room I ,either give what I don't want anymore to either our local school's OOSH (out of school hours) group or to a lady who I got speaking to at our local craft store one day and who operates a child care centre from her own home. She said they are always looking for thing to make crafts and projects for the children she minds. Have just given her two large shopping bags and still seem to have enough left to start my own shop ,If only!!! Kateycleverclogs
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    clever little cleaning gizmo

    One item I would never do without when crafting is a"clever little cleaning Gizmo", affectionately called (at least in Australia), as a hand held vacum cleaner " you know the type that you recharge and then use on small areas . I tend to get very!!! carried away when crafting and rather than have to drag the large vacum cleaner out each time I create "organised chaos "< I just reach for my hand held vac and clean up all the tiny bits of card and paer and its and bobs ,clean it out ,put back on recharger and it's ready for another crafting session. Katiecleverclogs.