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  1. nightswimmer

    July Issue

    I received the replacement copy today that Andrea kindly arranged to send to me. The official subscription copy is still MIA but I am happy that I now have my magazine! :-))
  2. nightswimmer

    July Issue

    I emailed them again last night and got an email back today to tell me that mine must have been lost in transit and that they don't have any left. Apparently they are going to add another month on to the end of my subscription. How they are going to manage that exactly I don't know as I think it's just a quarterly payment so unless I actually cancel it there is no "end"!
  3. nightswimmer

    July Issue

    I am another subscriber who hasn't received their July issue either. I realised this a few days ago and emailed them about it. I got the reply "We regret to advise that there has been a slight delay with this issue and it should now arrive shortly. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused." ... it hasn't arrived yet. I find it a bit annoying to say the least that it has been in the shops for a week already, grrrrrr!