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  1. ickle pickle

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good to hear Louise ;-) Evening everyone...yay I am finally back on...you have been having FB problems Louise and I have been having CB problems lol...Sarah has been to, she has just posted on a reply on my wall...she has been having Facebook withdrawal lol...Hope everyone is well ;-)
  2. ickle pickle

    Some recent designs from me :)

    Your welcome ;-)
  3. ickle pickle

    My twizzle wire arrived this morning!

    Wow, stunning I love it :-) ...ok I have to have me some of this forementioned twizzle wire...can somebody please let me know where the shop is and also if they are onlne too?...thanks ;-)
  4. ickle pickle

    another butterfly and twizzling still!

    Oh I adore it Kate, just beautiful :-)
  5. ickle pickle

    Results of experimenting making fimo focal beads

    They are stunning Max...I have had some Fimo on my shelf for...ermm...years ...intending on making some beads, blushes....really must get around to it...knowing my luck it will have all dried up and gone off by the time I do
  6. ickle pickle

    Some recent designs from me :)

    Wow, you have been busy Helen...they are gorgeous...every last one of them ;-)
  7. ickle pickle

    collection of Pandora Makes

    They are gorgeous Stu :-)
  8. ickle pickle

    MIL's Christmas present.

    Wow, how long did that take you Maggie? Got a crochet afgan on top of my to make list for the beginning of 2011 :-)
  9. ickle pickle

    New Rag doll

    She will adore it I am sure it's beautiful ;-)
  10. Wow, you go girl ...fantastic news Gaynor and very well deserved ;-)
  11. ickle pickle

    Have subscribers received issue 19 Sew mag yet?

    Nope, me neither :-( ...hope it gets here before Christmas
  12. ickle pickle

    a ray of sunshine

    I adore glass painting...mot done any in soooo long...it's gorgeous Kate :-)
  13. ickle pickle

    what my children made for me for my birthday

    Oh what a beautiful gift Debs :-)
  14. ickle pickle

    Firescreen cover

    Just beautiful Laverne ;-)
  15. ickle pickle

    Slow cooker recipes anybody?

    Thanks Carolyn, you just reminded me of Sel's recommended spice mix, going to get some. Did you manage to buy the ras-el-hanout at a supermarket or did you have to order it online?