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    For the xmas swap - I like most things, except baby / wedding stuff. Love brads, gems, buttons and anything cat related!
  1. Sorry it's taken me so long to say thankyou to everyone who sent me cards and goodies for my birthday. Big thanks go to... Mama Bee, Shellyhope, Maroulita, Dee Snr, Golfer, Torpenhow, Witchqueen, maggie50, Erin, Loopyloo40 and Denyze I got lots of lovely cards, some beautiful papers, and a couple of gorgeous ATCs, all very much appreciated, despite me taking forever to say thankyou! Em xxx
  2. emily13

    Thanks CB team :)

    Got my prize for the 'bead in the jar' party game - many thanks it's fabulous
  3. emily13

    MJ News :)

    Fab, lots more brilliant giveaways Thanks for letting us know!
  4. emily13

    I'm back & apologies!

    Hi, I disappeared for a couple of months, had some probs, inc. a trip to hospital and lots of stressful waiting around for results etc and haven't felt much like crafting this year, but i've decided that I need to get back to it as I miss it so here I am, and it seems I've stepped back in to the middle of party - fab! Sorry to all the birthdays I've missed on the birthday list. Hope you all had lovely days and got lots of nice cards Em xx
  5. Only just spotted this, haven't been around for a while as I've not been so well. Very happy you liked your Secret Santa goodies Em x
  6. emily13

    My Sims

    The best one in my opinion is MySims Kingdom on the Wii (DS version not so good) I enjoyed it a lot more than MySims. I'd say MySims Kingdom is the game I've played most on the wii.
  7. emily13

    Little Birthday Giveaway

    yay Miffy! I've posted my comment Have a brilliant birthday!
  8. emily13

    Calling all Harrogate/Leeds/York Crafters!

    I'm in Harrogate but it sounds way too scary for me!
  9. emily13

    SECRET SANTA'S Revealed

    Mine never turned up, don't worry about sending a replacement Jane - I'll just look forward to next years swap instead.
  10. emily13

    SECRET SANTA'S Revealed

    Oh brilliant, thanks Jane, that's even more exciting, no hurry, just glad that I hadn't got a mean Santa who hadn't bothered
  11. emily13

    SECRET SANTA'S Revealed

    Did my santa get in touch? I didn't get a parcel.
  12. Thanks for the gorgeous Christmas card Love the stamps you've used, and the way you've used them
  13. emily13

    Lots of People to thank :)

    you're very welcome
  14. emily13


    Ah just noticed my name on the list, I still haven't received mine, I will let you know as soon as it turns up.