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  1. crafts

    Back issue kits

    hi i am looking for back issues with kits 2 and 3 i have brought issue 3 off ebay but it was only the magazine i would also be interested in 5,6
  2. crafts

    Let's Make Cards is calling all teens!

    hi i am 17 and would be interested
  3. crafts


    who won the subcribtion comp for a year of let's make cards?
  4. crafts

    missing kit

    hi i brought 2 copies of issue 11 a nd one had the dies cut and sparklie flowers in and the other ones didn't is there anyway i could get them?
  5. crafts

    spending money

    hi i find that i like the kits so much i end up spend loads each month on just 1 magazine as i buy it over and over again? i would be great if their were some bits that i could get in the shops what do u think?
  6. crafts

    die cuts issue 11

    just wondering if anyone knows where i can get the die cuts that came in issue 11.