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  1. Speedchick

    Subs Question

    Direct Debit, erm quarterly or something like that, I subscribed right at the beginning from the first issue
  2. Speedchick

    Free Beads, Issue 11

    Forgot to mention the other day, my beads came, thank you so very much
  3. Speedchick

    Subs Question

    I currently subscribe to Make Jewellery, and I think I have about 3 or 4 issues left, do I need to re subscribe or is it an automatic thing? Thanks
  4. Issue 11 has just dropped through my letter box, with no sign of any beads in it, and they haven't been pinched by the postie as the bag is untampered with, Such a shame as they looked like being some really lovely colours and I like the things that have been made with them in the mag
  5. Speedchick

    A question for all of you that sell....

    I have been registered as self employed for a few years anyway as I used to do Kleeneze, I currently do other self employed work, but the jewellery is included in my earnings (or lack of!) I don't have an accountant as I keep my books myself, I like to keep it simple, what comes in minus what gets spent equals profit (or lack of!) Yes, about £5m worth, (had to be increased as apparently my local council think that £1m isnt enough!), and I also have product liability, I get them through Ian Wallace and can fully recommend him. Have a shop on Misi, but haven't sold anything there, mainly concentrate on craft fairs and my own website. Any info welcome (by PM if you prefer!) Hope this has been of some help, Jo x
  6. Speedchick

    Issue 8 - missing free book

    Woohoo, seems our posties are delivering today, just got my mag, complete with the Christmas booklet
  7. Speedchick

    Issue 8 - missing free book

    I think mine is stuck in the Royla Mail backlog somewhere too, along with my Beads & Beyond and my new Fire Mountain beady p**n book. :down: Great how the bills manage to get through isnt it!
  8. Speedchick

    Easy makes from a kit...

    I got that kit too, and yes it's nice to be told what to put where sometimes, one thing I found though was that each of the 3 bags of colours had a couple of beads missing, which meant that i had to modify the design slightly
  9. Speedchick

    Selling Jewellery

    Yea I know, but that was the rate for bunging 3 beads on an earwire Like I say, don't use that method anymore, the only time that my time comes into it is if it's a bead weaving piece, like a spiral necklace, then it's charged by the inch (£1.00 per inch!)
  10. Speedchick

    Selling Jewellery

    I used to do it by working out the cost of the bits used and then pay myself a rate of pay, if it was simple stringing, then I factored in £5.00 per hour, if it was wirework or weaving, then I did it at more, and then 'tweaked' till I was happy with the numbers, but I started getting myself in a mess. I have the bead manager pro software and it works out prices for you, at 2.5x, 3x and 5x. So now I just input what beads/findings I have used and let it come up with the 5x figure, which then covers my time and the non charged items, I don't include wire/thread/glue/hotgun/oven cooking etc to the costs, so that kind of covers it and it does come up with more realistic prices.
  11. Speedchick

    Rubbish craft shops!

    Angie, what size are you looking for? I am in Burnley and the stall that does buttons and stuff on the market here was selling off a load of stuff at £1 a packet, I bought up a load of their foil lined glass beads. they had lentils, round beads and hearts and there was a pale pink one, I think you got 3 in the packet (the same beads that they do at Hobbycraft, in the little plastic boxes), I think the hearts are around 20 mm.
  12. Speedchick

    Oooh Goodies

    So there I was this morning, feeling a little flat as my other half is away on a charity bike ride (today was day 1 of 3), kids at school and just the washing in front of me, when the postie comes with a package from Aceville, to say i was perplexed is an understatment, so I brought it in and opened it up, not knowing what I was going to find. Inside was a lovely goody bag from Jillybeads that I had won in the Subs Club, and wow what a bag of goodies it was too. So, just wanted to say a huge thank you for the lovely goody bag, and thank you for cheering me up
  13. But..... if using bicones, especially Swaro ones with a right angle weave, they do have a tendancy for cutting the tread, so a small seed bead between the bicones is usually a good idea. But apart from that i love them, they can be used as spacers, as the main beads in designs, and add wonderful sparkle to any piece.
  14. Speedchick

    A double First

    I have had the instructions for a Lynn Davey Nemesis Necklace for a while and not had the courage to do anything with it, so today I sat down and worked at it, the spirals haven't really worked how I wanted, but that's ok, cos I love this necklace and it's a keeper! The reason for the double first.... well my first Nemesis, and the focal bead was made by my fiance. It was his first time ever near a torch and he made this bead for me on Tuesday, I am so proud of him for having a go, and although he isn't all that happy with his swirls, I think he has done really well for a first time.
  15. Speedchick

    Signing your work

    Ooops. what did I do wrong? am not that brilliant when it comes to adding things to posts! :down: Ahhh have just seen what you fixed, lol Time for another coffee me thinks