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  1. cazzy

    Latest make?

    Thank you Mari
  2. cazzy

    Latest make?

    Lovely cards everyone, so pretty. Here are a couple more from me.
  3. cazzy

    Latest make?

    I particularly like your boxes, they are great for presents.
  4. cazzy

    Latest make?

    Lovely cards all three of you. Well done Heather I like the wedding dress, love Spyder's cards and I like your glass painting too MT. Carrie, I can't see your cards sweetie.
  5. cazzy

    Latest make?

    Thank you, I love Shaun the Sheep too, good job I had him for this card. Love the bunny Lyn, did you draw it? The girl is wicked too.
  6. cazzy

    Latest make?

    This is my latest using a LMCs Shaun the Sheep issue.
  7. cazzy

    Freebies CB What have you made?

    I still have the last bumper topper pack from last year, and the contents of this years pack are exactly the same which is very disappointing particularly as the email shows a very different pack. I am considering cancelling my subs soon.
  8. cazzy

    once a mum, always a mum !

    She is a star Mum, hope you feel better soon.
  9. cazzy

    The time has come...

    Good luck, I am sure you will be brilliant and love it.
  10. cazzy

    Nan and Dad in hospital !

    How awful for you all. I hope they recover soon and you won't be so torn.
  11. cazzy

    Happy Halloween Everyone

    I'm watching X Factor too. Well I think it is on Xtra factor now. Not feeling well so not much food going on. I did get me a new car today though, not brand new but newer than I had.
  12. cazzy

    A new craft storage unit. (At last!)

    Lucky you hopefully. I wonder if mine would consider attempting to make one of those, he is a carpenter but usually kicks up such a fuss if I ask for something that complicated.
  13. cazzy

    Anyone dressed up for Halloween?!

    SCARY. I looked in Poundland for a witches hat, willing to pay £1 to go with my caldron of treats, but they didn't have any. I didn't know we had a Poundland until today either.
  14. cazzy

    male card made tonight

    Very nice, great for a man (or a woman who mows the lawn) who mows the lawn like mine does. It is sometimes difficult to make cards for men.
  15. We all live and learn. You won't do it next time hee hee. I am sure I have done it myself some time ago.