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  1. Cassidii


    Try checking here http://www.freeview.co.uk/ or Google Freeview and go to their site. You'll find useful stuff on how to retune, you may need to tune in to the channel you want manually, which sounds scary but isn't as I somehow managed it. You can also watch Create and Craft on line at their website.
  2. Cassidii

    Probably gone for the time being

    I'm still on Windows Xp and all is working fine.... use Norton NOT Mcaffee, I found that a pain to use. Go find a nerd to look at your computer, they'll sort it out for you.
  3. Cassidii


    Get a Kodak, I've had many different printers, but last year I got one of the Kodak printers, not regretted it. Very good with ink and price for replacement ink cartridges are not cheeky, they also got Best Printer award from Which magazine.
  4. Cassidii

    My fimo’s with tools :)

    Brilliant, love the penguin, and the bee on the flower is so intricate.
  5. Cassidii

    MerryChristmas tomorrow everyone xx

    Merry Christmas to you. And everyone else, hope everyone has a lovely day.
  6. Cassidii

    I wish I hadn't opened my mouth

    Good for you Joanne, and we're all here to support you. hugs
  7. Cassidii

    not around much because...

    Hope you feel better soon. Merry Christmas, and all the very best for the New Year
  8. Cassidii

    I wish I hadn't opened my mouth

    Coughing blood is not normal, but it could be due to a chest infection. If your GP suspected anything serious he/she would have taken a blood test. The liver is the only organ that can repair itself, but it needs to be given a chance to do so. You know what you need to do. You've got a lot of friends here who will support you and listen, so lean on us and not a bottle.
  9. Cassidii

    You can track Santa here

    Norad If you wish to keep children, grandchildren or immature adults amused, then click on the link and follow Santa as he travels across the world, as from Tomorrow.
  10. Cassidii

    bad back tips needed

    A good chiropractor or open minded physiotherapist. You are doing all you need to do, you just have to wait for the nerve to calm down. Try backcare for more advice. I've coped with a bad back for last... too many years than I care to remember. It is also a good idea, once your back is okay, to start working on the core muscles, it won't stop you having back spasms, but it will help.
  11. Cassidii

    Hotmail and Internet Explorer?

    Don't you just love it, updates that need updates! The wonderful word of IT... when it works it is fantastic... Gave up on Internet explorer ages ago, moved to Firefox, and as for Hotmail... use Yahoo, it works and keeps me happy.
  12. Cassidii

    Any Iris Folders out there : >................

    I do enjoy it, haven't done any for ages, and I've got some iris folding xmas cards, must go root them out. Love the card, it is beautiful.
  13. Cassidii

    Xmas cards with a twist

    Just added a few more photos, think I still have to add the xmas tree card. Also put up a stepper card (my first) and a black peel off, I used gilding flakes for the background. I attached the decs using the collal 3d glue so they can be taken off and reused. :-) Many thanks for all the lovely comments. :-)
  14. Cassidii

    Xmas cards with a twist

    The twist being that all have tree decs as toppers, I got them from tesco and M&S, they're all wooden, I coloured some with tinsel embossing powder, others with enamel powder. Added other bits and bobs accordingly. Oh the cost of the toppers - £1 a box in tesco, £5 in M&S but it was a 3 for 2 offer.
  15. Cassidii

    A few of my Glastonbury holiday pics.

    I stayed in Glastonbury back in June, had a fabulous time. Did you climb up to the Tor? Love the pics